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No progress food or exercise wise today. I really just had a free for all. Not really a good thing but I didn't have plans to do anything either so I'm not disappointed. I did go clothes shopping today and found some shirts that made me feel pretty good so I'll take that. It's really difficult for me to find clothing that I love myself in that this is always a good thing and a big hurdle for me when I do find clothes that I love. tomorrow I'll be swimming. I usually go about a half mile. I'm working my way up to the mile that I was at when I was training for the triathlon. I'm also taking a bit of time after the laps to work on doing flips. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can do flip turns to make myself a little faster. I've also found that I can swim about half the length of the pool under water without taking a breath which I think is pretty cool. It means my lung capacity is doing pretty well and that will help with my running. Tomorrow will be a good day though. I'm going to pack my lunch tonight so there's no last minute thinking about it.

I'm also contemplating trying a burpee challenge. I know they're really hard. The challenge the lady did was 30 burpees a day for like 15 days. I know that's way too much for me and I also know I'll have to do modified ones due to my weight and my hip and knee issues. But I still wanna give it a go. Maybe like 5 a day for 10 days and just build up from there? I dunno, we'll see. 

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Comment by LindaB on May 13, 2017 at 9:30am

I've been thinking of doing the plank challenge.  Still just a little hesitant.


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