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Good morning!  I'm happy to report that I've lost 15.3 pounds since July with a few months in the fall of maintenance before I got back into weight loss mode!  I'm really itching to get into the 130's.  I have to start walking.  I've been thinking about it and just not doing it.  My wardrobe has expanded because clothes that were put aside that didn't fit me this time last year, fits me now :)  Some are actually a little loose!  YOOHOO! 

I have continued to make a couple new recipes each week and it is really fun!  I've been doing extensive prepping and making sure that DH is on the same page.  I've been doing budget challenges and groceries is one area that I have scaled way back!  I'm happy to report that I have been doing this for all of April, while still showing great losses on the scale.  Shopping at Aldi while focusing on whole foods and what's on sale, with a few things from Costco and also stop and shop for some perfectly ripe, super duper cheap, reduced produce.  They have a whole bunch of really good stuff on the reduced produce shelves.  I haven't shopped there in years but remembered that I used to get good deals and wondered if they still had those shelves.  Glad that they do because now I will try to stop there every other week or so, when I'm in the neighborhood.    

Yesterday I say my Rheumatologist and I asked if any testing was indicated at this time, because my insurance is changing to a high deductible plan and it begins May 1.  So I got the works, ultrasounds, x-rays and my very first cortisone shot!  OUCH!!!  It hurts more now than it did when I went in!  I'm glad he was waiting until next time to do the left side.  I was in a lot of pain last night and slept like crap and its still sore.  I really hope it helps and the pain goes down because I'm in much more pain than I was going in!  Fridays we usually work until 1 but I had catching up to do and worked until 2.  So in my car I ate an orange and a Kirkland chocolate brownie protein bar while driving to my appointment.  I didn't get home until 6 and I was ravenous and almost stopped for a pizza.  I resisted and made my daily latte as soon as I walked in the door.  Then DH and I teamed up to get dinner on the table fast.  We warmed up some left over chicken that we had grilled the night before, chopped up lots of veggies some feta cheese and dolmas and threw together an amazing Greek salad.  I'm so glad because I really wanted to make my homemade pizza on the grill tonight!  

The last week has been super stressful with looking for help for in home care for my Mom.  My Dad seems like he has checked out and is just overwhelmed with everything and never follows through.  I have been trying to manage her care as best I can over the last 4 years but with work, kids and my own health issues it's tough. I've been trying to convince my Dad that they need help to come into the home. Over the last year he goes back and forth, first he is on board, then he changes his mind.  I did some research and just made all the calls myself.  I took her to her PCP on Wed and asked for an in home evaluation.  The nurse came to the house the next day!  Now she is qualified for Medicare to pay for her care including PT to come to the house.  I only wish I looked into this sooner.  So I'm hoping that this makes life better and easier for both of them.     

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