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On track for the most part. I started c25k on Monday. It's changed since the last time I did it. It's only three days a week instead of 4. And it's 8 weeks instead of nine. But I did day 2 of week one this morning tomorrow is day 3. Since I was expecting 4 days of running I'm debating calling the 4th day free for all zombie run day. Maybe use my zombie run app and do 30 minutes of that and run as much as I can. Well see how ambitious I get. Also started calorie counting again. It's a little rocky, I know that I've dropped the number of calories I'm consuming but I'm still above where I should be.  But at least I'm tracking because I wasn't for the last like six months. Right now I just need to get under 200 and keep it that way so I can skydive next May.  Which isn't a huge feat. We're talking 14 lbs. I can do it I just need to focus and stop with the junk and keep up the exercise. 

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Comment by Keem on August 2, 2015 at 5:01pm

Do they have some weight limit for sky diving? If they had a scale there to make sure, I would be sooooo out of there. :P  Whether I weigh 100 pounds or 500 pounds, I don't want anyone knowing that number. :P

Comment by Heather on August 5, 2015 at 1:35pm
When I learned to run I used c25k it's a awesome programme


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