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I'm doing alright exercise wise. I swam on Monday it was a little slow but I did it. Tuesday I ended up going out with friends so I didn't run. However I made up for it tonight by running and swimming both. I ran a 13 minute mile on the treadmill which wasn't too bad and then I swam a half mile in 29 minutes which was good.

Food wise I'm not doing as well. Its easier for me to exercise than it is for me to eat right because I like food and I like crappy food if I'm being honest. So I'm down with getting one thing under control (exercise) and working towards getting the other one under control (food) as time moves on. Either way I'll make it. I'm just glad I'm exercising right now. I also bought batteries for my scale so that'll function. I don't rely heavily on a scale because I've lost considerable inches before and only lost like a pound or two due to muscle gain so I'm not too worried but I'd like to have an idea of where I'm at.

I'm gonna keep going. 

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