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No matter the plan... we all Blog to Lose!

The Plan

There really is no plan. I'm not here to sell you anything or tell you what/when/how to eat. If you are anything like me you know. You know what works. You know what doesn't. Yet you continue to struggle.


For me it was body image. I was so depressed and miserable I wasn't model thin that I dieted myself fat. I talk more about this on my own blog so I won't go into it again. The point is that I was my own worst enemy. I would let myself get into a horrible cycle of dieting then bingeing. Fasting then feasting. Losing then gaining. I called it the yo-yo dieting cycle of hell and it lasted 15 years for me.

My weighed ranged from 150 to 225 lbs during this time.

Breaking the Cycle

I FINALLY broke out of the cycle in 2005. It was after the birth of my first son and I decided enough was enough. I had to get over this ridiculous cycle. That's when I discovered blogging.


I decided to commit to my blog. It was a simple pledge to post weekly when I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting. I decided that no matter what--gain, loss, happy, sad--I would FACE the feeling on the blog.

Why I Think it Works

That simple commitment made a WORLD of difference. Something happened. Something clicked. The goal of blogging weekly was something completely in my control. It was a conscious decision I made and I only had myself to blame if I didn't keep up with it.


This new focus was different then saying I would lose x-many pounds or wear size whatever by such and such a date. Those things, although somewhat in my control, depend on a lot of variables and factors. The scale is fickle and not always a good predictor of my success. My body size and shape is mostly genetic. I'm tall. I'll never be petite. Setting body size and weight specific types of goals are saturated in emotional baggage and I just couldn't focus on them anymore.

I didn't want to focus on them anymore.

The blog became my shoulder to cry on, my friend to high five and my coach to report to. I started getting creative with it. Sharing progression pictures, recipes, tips, insights and what ever else floated my boat. I guess you can say the blog was a distraction in a way. It gave me something to do besides feel sorry for myself. When things went my way I celebrated and when they didn't I reflected and analyzed why.

The blog helped me stay conscious.

I believe it can do the same for you.


So there is no PLAN here on BlogToLose. I suggest you commit to blogging at least weekly. You don't have to report your weight or show photos of yourself if you don't want to. It's more about facing your feelings.

Why BlogToLose?

You can 'blog' anywhere. You don't HAVE to do it here. Feel free to grab a pen and paper or pull out the old typewriter. I don't care as long as you make the commitment. But if you want to find support and make new friends then join us.


I believe giving support is as powerful--if not MORE-- then getting support. To get the most out of this community you need to read fellow members posts, comment, reach out, congratulate those that are succeeding and offer helps to those that are not. That's what makes this community awesome. We are all here on similar journeys. We are all here because we are ready to make the commitment. Are you?




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