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Hi everyone,

I am new here, this is my first post. I will be 51 tomorrow, and I have been struggling with my weight my entire adult life. I swear I start my diet every Monday, but by Monday night I have already given in and cheated. Why do I do this to myself? I want to lose weight and be healthy and feel good about myself more than anything, yet I am my own worst enemy and saboteur. Almost 11 months ago, my niece got engaged, and I swore that I was going to lose the weight before her wedding because I did not want to be the fat one in the family wedding pictures. The wedding is May 3rd and I have not lost a pound. I am so angry with myself! Tomorrow I am going shopping for a dress/outfit to wear to her wedding and I absolutely hate trying on clothes. But I am going to try and make the best of it and not let it ruin my birthday. 

I need help...a diet buddy, a partner to be accountable to, something different than trying to do this on my own. I can't afford to join Weight Watchers right now, but I have done it in the past with some success. I have current materials thanks to an online friend who is a current member and she sent me the stuff, bless her! 

A little more about me, I am divorced and have been on my own raising my now 18 year old son since he was a baby. I work a full time job plus a part time job to support us. We live in a small town in Iowa. I have a wonderful family and great friends. I would love to find someone here to mentor me, motivate me, cheer me on, kick my butt when I need it...on a daily basis. And I will do the same for them. 

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I know it sounds so cliche and oversimplified, but when I figured out that as long as I was doing something that I could "start", "stop", "give in", etc that I wasn't going to be successful, is when I finally was able to lose the weight. I had to figure out a way that I could realistically eat for the rest of my life without feeling cheated or deprived. For me, that was weight watchers, but I'm a firm believer that pretty  much anything that you stick to will work. I'll be here cheering you on and helping in any way that I can!

What Christy wrote. Seriously!   I just posted to another topic "difficulty losing weight" that explains what I did.  

Reading your post I can relate to everything, except being a single mother.  When I was 61 I said "enough." and set out to just start eating healthier.  I did want to lose weight and set my goal at getting in the middle of the overweight range.   My eating changed so much over that time that I honestly prefer the healthier food and I kept moving and my weight kept going down.  I am not about the same weight as I was in college and feel great!  Happy to help you in any way I can. You can do this!

I can be a helper for you.  Here is what I have done.

I lost 30 lbs and with no exercise.  I found something that really works.  And it only cost me 10 bucks per month.

1  I bought a good Multivitamin Alive or of your choice.  Research it.

2  I bought Fulvic Acid with 77 trace minerals

3  I stopped eating anything with wheat in it....breads and pastas

4  I eat 4 soft boiled eggs in the morning and 3 or 4 in the after noon.  Dinner it's Protein mainly. Chicken baked or boiled only or steaks and soups.

5  I cut back on carbs, fried foods, and foods with nitrates.  I eat any thing that is protein.

6  Stay away from MLMs.  They are expensive.  Can read sources but don't buy. Search for cheaper solutions.

How it works?  The gluten in the wheat damages the small intestines preventing the absorption of minerals.

Your body needs 90 nutrients everyday.  If it doesn't get it, you will be hungry all the time.  And I was.

The problem is wheat, oils, fried food, soda pop, and nitrates and very little minerals.

I no longer take any medications.  I don't even get headaches. My Gerd, asthma, and other health problems gone.

The Nutrients is what the body needs to heal it's self.  It is not difficult to do.  I was very sick and tired.

The cost?  Fulvic Acid $35 for 6 month supply.  Alive vitamins $20 for 3 month supply.  These can be found on the internet for less.  I also take calcium and selenium.

Exercising will just make you more hungry.  You sweat out what little nutrients you have and it makes you hungry.  Stop it for 3 months.  Try this and see if your hunger goes away.  The Doctors tell you to stay away from the evil eggs and exercise.  You can exercise but you have to take the 90 nutrients daily.  There it is.  You can eat big ones in awhile but not every week.  At least try it for 1 month and watch the weight go down.  Mine went down a lot in the first month.  Then it goes slower but I am in no hurry to lose.





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