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Hi guys!,

I found Blog to Lose on accident and thought it was a brilliant place to share my progress. I live in the Bay Area and have been struggling with eating healthy and exercise. I am looking to build confidence in myself and become a more brighter individual. Brighter meaning, to live positively everyday and perform at optimum levels! I am new here and looking to grow alongside all of you while we all work towards our goal. I look forward to seeing all of your progress, and hopefully befriend some of you:) I am an open minded person and look forward to meeting people of all ages, sex, ethnicity, and sizes. Everyone is beautiful. Thank you for reading, and good luck to all of you! Feel free to become my "blog to lose" friend or send me any messages:)


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Welcome! You'll find a great community of people working towards similar goals. The best way to get to know people is by writing blog posts and commenting on others post. I look forward to reading about your progress.

Thank you so much, Christy for your warm welcome! I am looking forward to my weight loss and also finding motivation through others here as well. Cheers!

Welcome, and good luck on your journey!





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