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I need good suggestions of a great meal replacement or diet pill that actually works. I am exercising and trying to keep track of my meals but I would like the extra kick of a supplement. Any suggestions would be great!

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The only meal replacement I've ever been satisfied with is the original Myoplex protein shake although I very rarely use it as a meal replacement. I mostly use them as in-between meal snacks. They are really good and very filling and have 38g of protein. It's fun to get the vanilla and then add flavorings, fruit, etc. I made a few pumpkin shakes over the holidays! 

When I first started my trainer suggested to get some fat burners and use them for a few weeks. At first I didn't want to but then I went ahead and got them. I got the Hydroxycut which are basically really expensive caffeine pills. The way they helped me was that they kept up my energy levels throughout my workouts because I was so out of shape I would run low on energy. 

I have the thinking that those things are not a permanent fix to the problem--like I'm sure you won't take them or drink them forever--and when you stop it, then will you go back to old habits and old weight?
I guess our weight loss journey is to teach us new healthy habits in place of our unhealthy/bad ones and pills etc won't teach that to keep the weight off permanently.

Weight loss is a lot of hard work and a lot of learning about ourselves, nutrition, and fitness.


Having said that, I do think we all need to try different things to see what works/doesn't work for us.

Let us know what you decide. :)

i think that the use of supplements, diet shakes/pills and energy boosters is a very dangerous arena.  it is easy to look for these things using the excuse of finding a boost, and yet get trapped looking for the quick fix.  i like keem's reply about making this journey a way to create a healthier relationship with food.  if we rely on a pill as our back bone, then when you/we stop taking the pill then we are more likely to go back to the same habits because we haven't actually learned how to handle them...we've only disguised them by repressing them chemically.

in your originally post you asked for suggestions for a supplement...but it's phrased as if you are asking about energy boosters or diet pills.  so i guess more info would be great...are you looking for whole food replacement shakes? or energy boosters?  i don't think they are one in the same. 

in my own diet, i DO use a meal replacement in the form of Juice Plus.  And at the risk of sounding like i'm selling something, yes, this is something i use AND sell.  I found it via my trainer and use it as a light breakfast, pre/post workout nutrition, or on days where i feel the need to do a liquid fast for getting my head on straight.  the shakes are tasty and made from whole fruits and veggies.

i have also done a ''booster'' that i've gotten from my chiropractor....but it was an all natural organic mix of real foods that produce an energy i suppose, as Sharon said, it's possible to change up your diet to give you that boost at certain times of the day.

i know i've rambled, but like i said, this can get a little confusing, especially since the goal is to create a healthy lifestyle in a safe manner.  i hope you continue to share your thoughts and any products or foods you find help you in your journey.  good luck!

I don't think any of them work long term.  I took ali until the first bottle was gone and it was horrible for my body and for everyone's body who takes it.  My heart would race out of control.  I don't have experience with any other pills but I think they can't be good for anyone's body.  You can do it on your own.  You are strong and you are good enough.

Check this out A friend told me about it and I just started taking the energy booster and the weight loss pill. It really gives me alot of energy to do whatever I maybe doing and curbs my appetite. And from what I can tell its all natural.

i tried several brands and noone worked...the only pill that works is the willpower!

I have tried so many pills/meal replacements and have not had any success.  I did find Plexus (which is not a meal replacement) and that has helped me greatly.  In fact I have lost almost 20lbs and 12 inches since the begining of July.  Once I added in exercise it really took off.  check it out if you would like at

I lost 30 lbs and with no exercise.  I found something that really works.  And it only cost me 10 bucks per month.

1  I bought a good Multivitamin Alive or of your choice.  Research it.

2  I bought Fulvic Acid with 77 trace minerals

3  I stopped eating anything with wheat in it....breads and pastas

4  I eat 4 soft boiled eggs in the morning and 3 or 4 in the after noon.  Dinner it's Protein mainly. Chicken baked or boiled only or steaks and soups.

5  I cut back on carbs, fried foods, and foods with nitrates.  I eat any thing that is protein.

How it works?  The gluten in the wheat damages the small intestines preventing the absorption of minerals.

Your body needs 90 nutrients everyday.  If it doesn't get it, you will be hungry all the time.  And I was.

The problem is wheat, oils, fried food, soda pop, and nitrates and very little minerals.

I no longer take any medications.  I don't even get headaches. My Gerd, asthma, and other health problems gone.

The Nutrients is what the body needs to heal it's self.  It is not difficult to do.  I was very sick and tired.

The cost?  Fulvic Acid $35 for 6 month supply.  Alive vitamins $20 for 3 month supply.  These can be found on the internet for less.  I also take calcium and selenium.

Exercising will just make you more hungry.  You sweat out what little nutrients you have and it makes you hungry.  Stop it for 3 months.  Try this and see if your hunger goes away.  The Doctors tell you to stay away from the evil eggs and exercise.  You can exercise but you have to take the 90 nutrients daily.  There it is.  You can eat big ones in awhile but not every week.  At least try it for 1 month and watch the weight go down.  Mine went down a lot in the first month.  Then it goes slower but I am in no hurry to lose.

I'm new to this blog and interesting in hearing any other information.  However, I am so happy that I found this one that has finally worked.





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