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Weight - last week up 0.8 pounds. This week down 0.2 pounds

Exercise - Running & doing resistance training. Seriously I have this down.

Food - Ugh. Going to be doing the 21 Day Elimination Diet.

Mood - Surprisingly up.

I had my first appointment with my functional medicine Dr. yesterday. Tests are being run to check if my hormones are wonky or not. She thinks I may have Lyme and due to GI issues a possible parasite. I am to do the elimination diet. Frankly my diet is my weakest point in my healthy lifestyle. But I have to wean myself off completely before I jump in. This should take a week. Then I have an at home test that requires no caffeine in order for results to be correct. It will be another month to 6 weeks before I see her again & get results. Maybe I will finally get to the root of my health issues at last.

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