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I'm sitting here... home and showered after hip hop and watching The Biggest Loser. It's makeover week for the contestants. I missed out on this show for many years ... partly because I was in school and then in Africa but when I started my weight loss journey I just happened to catch an episode and quickly got OBSESSED. I know the show isn't quite realistic and there's a lot behind the scenes (length of a week, etc) but it's still inspiring to see how people change and how much the physical changes really change how the person's confidence blossoms as well.

The more weight I have lost the more excited I get about getting dressed in the morning. When you're fat and uncomfortable... you tend to wear things to make you blend in. I rarely wear make up but now I enjoy putting it on. I still will never wear it every day but before I never saw the point... I didn't want people to look at me anyways.

HIP HOP!!! I cannot say enough amazing things about this class and how much it has helped to transform me even more into the person I've always strived to be. It takes patience, concentration, and spirit to stay with it. I absolutely love going to class each time and I've met so many awesome people that are helping me to break out of my shy little shell. Some of my favorites are "Get Big", "Transform Ya" and "Like the Ceiling Can't Hold Us". If you're in the Columbus area I urge you to come to a class!! Ride with me :)
The schedule for classes is in the link below:
C25K! Another program I credit a lot of my success to. I downloaded this app for my smartphone and made myself a running playlist at the urging of another Jenny Craig lady on the forums. I started the program and YES, it was hard ... but it was also easier and easier by the day. I began to CRAVE running. I would get cranky if I couldn't find a way to sneak away and fit in a run. I've restarted the program and am training for the Color Me Rad 5k on April 12th!
So, I still have some more changes in my future and I'm in the process of writing my goal and accomplishment list. I'm thinking I want to try the Polar watch and maybe even have some more portraits taken when I get close to or AT goal weight.
Can't wait to add more progress picks... weigh in TOMORROW!!!

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Comment by Janice Dublanko on January 22, 2014 at 11:51am

Can't believe how much younger you look...gorgeous!!!!  I too an hooked on The biggest Loser...I also download The biggest loser AU....just excited...

Keep on Hip Hopping!!!

Comment by Paula on January 22, 2014 at 8:34pm

You look and act so happy. There is no better feeling than being happy that is for sure. That hip hop class really sounds like fun. I am such a klutz when it comes to dance classes! Thanks for sharing so much positive energy.

Comment by Jessica Yagi on January 26, 2014 at 2:14pm

Thanks Janice! And Paula, I am not the most coordinated but the more I do it the easier it is.


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