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SO I ordered this book from prevention. And it seems like it would work, except for the "excercise optional" part. I think thats kinda stretchin' it. Here's what I've gathered:

1.) They say to eat 4- 400 cal. meals a day.
2.) Eat at least 1 "MUFA" (which I believe are healthy/natural fats) at each meal. Which would be nuts, avacado's, olive oil, dark chocolate etc.
3.) Be as stress free as you can, since stress makes cortisol which makes belly fat. (By the way this step makes me giggle, because I am getting stressed out right now just worrying if I will be able to remember what falls into a "MUFA" category!
4.) Drink tons of "sassy water", which is basically water with chunks of lemon, cucumbers, grated ginger and mint.

And I believe thats it! Personally I would rather just drink lemon water, all that other stuff doesn't sound appealing in my water! I'm not a fan of ginger or mint and cucumbers belong in my salad, not in my drink!
I would love to know if anyone has tried this and how they did. I am really interested in knowing more about the new WW plan, but can't seem to find much about what it involves. I even looked on their website and there was't much there.

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