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I am new to this blog. I am 5ft 5in. And 180 lbs (as of this morning). I am looking for encouragement as I begin on a protein and veggie diet in order to lose weight. I have been attempting to lose weight for a while (1 1/2). However, I give in to cravings immediately and/or eat when I'm not hungry just to eat. I believe I eat to feel good but I end up feeling worse (sound familiar). I have also been looking at a nutritarian diet and healthy and holistic approaches of living and curing different diseases. Thankfully I don't have anything (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc). I need to make a drastic change in my life for the better. I want to feel good, energetic and prove to myself I can do it.

I am looking for encouragement/thoughts/ideas on my journey from all of you who are such a great inspiration that it can be done!

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Comment by dani on January 21, 2014 at 7:55am
Attempting to lose weight for 1 1/2 yrs
Comment by MarthaG on January 21, 2014 at 11:23am

Welcome Dani, you've come to a good place.

Personally I was someone whose weight went up and down and tried all sorts of diets.   What worked for me is to stop dieting. For me (and many others) eliminating food groups only made me want to eat them and as soon as I reached my goal, I'd stop dieting and the weight would come back on.

In October 2011 I just decided that I was going to start eating healthier, track my food, stay at or close to my calorie goal and I set my goal at 2,000/day so I had plenty to eat. After 6 months I had really changed my eating to include a lot more veggies and fruits and whole grains....I also bought a pedometer and started walking aiming for 10,000 steps/day.  Over the years I continued to change my diet to focus on real (read not processesd) food, more plants, and less of it (watched my portions).   I have lost 75 pounds and kept it off since April.  Sure I overeat sometimes, but that's to be expected and one meal that is less healthy doesn't undermine my healthy eating.

Now I eat what I want and what I want tends to be the healthier options and I don't feel deprived.  You can do this.  

Comment by Bel da Silva on January 21, 2014 at 4:23pm

What martha posted is totally true. For this monh of january I decided I was going to eat vegan (strictly no eggs meat or dairy) purely to see what would happen. I do have cravings but not as badly as I thought I would and there are plenty of substitutes for vegans (just don't eat the vegan cheese so yucky!) but I have also been tracking my calorie intake very carefully and have found that sticking to portion sizes is really key because its a portion size for a reason and I do fear that come Feb. 1 I might just go out of control and eat more than I need to. but since ive been in the habit of tracking my calories very closely I believe that even when I strat eating meat and dairy again, I will have a newly defined sence of self control because of the insain amount of self conrol it took for me to take those foods out of my diet and "survive" for me its like because I did this I know I can stick to just eating 1 or a half a portion of ice cream if Im upset (which totally hapened today but it was soy icecream) eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise is key! you can do this dani!

Comment by Melis on January 21, 2014 at 7:44pm
Hi dani, and welcome! I'm a newbie too, been here about a month now and really love reading what all these fantastic women have to say. A lot of us here are doing a high protein and veggie eating style. I think diet is a negative word. And I agree with these two ladies, track what you eat. Look at my fitness pal website or app and get started with that. It's been so eye opening. And honestly. I don't miss bad food anymore just knowing how it's improving my health. You're lucky to it have any illnesses. I have slightly high blood pressure and it's been a real wake up call. Glad to have you here!
Comment by Paula on January 21, 2014 at 8:32pm

Welcome to BTL. This is a place for support and fantastic ideas. You have good ideas how to conquer this weight thing. Nothing beats healthy eating and exercise.


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