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New Forums, Events Page and a Chat Tonight!



Sorry I had to yell. The forums have had a facelift and we've got new categories hopefully making it easier for you to find each other. Head on over to the Forums page to check it out. The new boards include:


  • General Discussions
    Pretty Self Explanatory. Anything on and off topic.
  • Diet Plan Talk
    Ask about specific plans and share your experiences.
  • Support Needed
    Put down the *insert your fav snack here* and post here instead!
  • Brag Board
    This is the place to brag away, lost a pound? Made it to goal? Nailed a job interview? Celebrate here!
  • Food, Food, FOOD!
    Like discovering new healthy snacks? Created the perfect recipe? Share your favorite food tips and products here!
  • 20 Somethings
    'Cause we're cooler than everyone else.
  • 30 Somethings
    'Cause we can't believe we aren't 20 anymore.
  • Over 40 Somethings
    'Cause things are different now.
  • Calling All Moms
    Need another ADULT to talk to? We're here! Join us.


I know many of you are here for the blogging but for some who may not be ready to take that leap the boards/forums offer a great place to ask questions, find support, and connect with people. Feel free to start a conversation on the new boards and I hope to get moderators in place for all of them soon! (Let me know if you are interested!)


Ok, on to MORE fun news! I added an events feature where we (yes WE as in you and I) can schedule chats or even offline meet-ups. I realize that may be a stretch at this point, but I wanted you to know the option was there.



I hope to schedule a couple of chats a week with specific topics. If this is something you are interested in doing as well shoot me a message. I've love to have a weekly chat schedule where we give support, offer ideas and have fun!



If you didn't know the Chat should be in the lower right hand corner of the page. There you will see how many people are currently online. Just click the little arrow and the window will pop up! Or click Chat above and go to the devoted chat page.


hope to see you tonight at our first schedule chat! Click here for details.

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Comment by Keem on December 1, 2011 at 7:59am

That's pretty cool!


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