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I have many goals in life. Some may seem small and insignifigant to some and silly to others. But they are MY goals and I have no problems telling anyone and everyone who wants to hear them. Maybe it is me getting older and being in my thirties that things just dont bother me anymore. When I was in my twenties I cared ALL about what other people thought of me and not enough about what I thought of unrealistic and twisted that is, right? I think Roni actually just posted a blog about that today...but I digress.

One of my goals in life is to have a blog that I'm committed to and devoted to. I seem to move around and not be able to sit still long enough to establish readers. Once I get a few that check in on me every-so-often, I seem to abandon them. So the reason behind why I'm writing all of this is to officially announce this is "my opportunity" and I'm taking it! I am planting myself. HERE! For good. I look at Roni (or I read about roni, rather) and about her adventures to BlogHer, and think how fun and amazing it would be to have a blog so full of as much awesome as hers that she gets to attend those fabulous functions. (I feel like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, But instead of saying "I want an oompa loompa"! I'm saying I want a sucessful blog and I want it now! ) Insert brittish accent here.

Okay, I'm really getting off focus here! I think I am just really tired of focusing on what is the new diet of the year that everyone's talking about? What are the Biggest losers eating? How can Jillian Micheals transform MY body!? I just want something that works! And that something is maintaining a balanced diet, watching calories and burning calories....plain and simple! I just have to decide my goals (realistic ones) and what excercise I can actually handle. I have a very painful right foot because I have very high arched feet and very cheap shoes. So I am on the hunt for something comfortable and supportive. I would love to take up running again but with my foot in so much pain I'm not sure it's possible....we'll see! (fingers crossed)

All and all my focus is not so much losing weight, my focus is on how healthy can I get? In all the years I've been blogging I dont think I have ever made the focus of my blog about health....its always been the number on the scale.
How sad!

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