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When life doesn't quite go the way you'd planned, when relationships fall apart, jobs fall through, things break down, people you thought were good friends turn out to be anything but, or you just have a really rough day/week/month/year... what do "normal" people do? Cry? Scream? Throw things? Go on expensive shopping sprees? Hide under the bedcovers and wait for the storm to pass? Exercise like a maniac?
OR... Do they eat?
If you ignore the fact that my consumption of junk food is what contributed to my weight gain in the first place, things like chocolate and cookies and potato crisps and ice cream have never really hurt me. I've never had a chocolate bar call me every name under the sun, I've never faced a pint of Ben and Jerry's that had taken anything away from me, I've never opened a packet of potato crisps only to discover they were something other than what I thought they were.
On the other hand, I've never come across a single piece of junk food or fast food that has actually helped me to deal with Life. Chocolate didn't make my husband's passing any easier to cope with. Doughnuts didn't take the edge off the hurt caused by a recent betrayal from someone I thought was a good friend.
So why is it always my first port of call when something goes wrong? Why do I keep shovelling it in, even though I know that it's not going to help in the slightest - that is it, in fact, only going to make me feel worse when I eventually come to my senses and close my mouth? And, most importantly, how do I stop?? Is there hope? Because, let's face it, Life isn't always going to go smoothly...

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Comment by LindaB on October 29, 2014 at 10:22pm

I'm slowly learning to understand my triggers.  Which --- I haven't all.

Comment by Dee on October 30, 2014 at 11:36am

I know what you are talking about...just in a different way. I eat because I can. Not because of emotional issues but I think more out of boredom. I truly think I am a sugar/carb addict if there is such a thing. I sit here especially at nite when my husband is working the overnites and I am just lazy. Sit here and think of all the food in the kitchen and what sounds best....then I start eating. And eating and EATING! Like I don't stop till I am literally sick. And even the next day I still don't feel good. But it's almost guaranteed...I will do it again. Then I will be good for a day or 2....then it starts all over again. and usually involves choc snack cakes or cookies or ice cream or all of the above...sometimes I just go fry up a huge plate of French fries and sit and eat. Uggh. I think about how I am writing this out and how bad it sounds....but it's the truth. And the thing is...I can get up and do things to occupy myself. I can go work out...or clean house or anything...but I don't....and that's because of one word. I am lazy and don't want to do anything. AND THATS WHAT I AM TRYING TO CHANGE.

I don't want to be that person anymore. I want to feel like doing things. I want to start trying to motivate myself when those urges come meet them head on and say..NO you are not going to do that. You are going to do this instead and go do something else that will get my mind off of the binge I know will happen.

I wish there was some magic way to help you and me. But there's not. Only I think maybe for us both if we just stop....and come write it out. How we are feeling and try and see the emotions for what they are it my binge/boredom eating or your emotional eating and find a way to get past the moment. I think that's the key. Get it out however you can write say it do whatever it takes to get past it without the awful food draw.

I don't really know my triggers as the person about wrote but I know when I am sitting here bored and lazy...that's when the food ideas start coming in for me. So for me...I have to find ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

Comment by Penni Brown on October 30, 2014 at 7:50pm

I definitely think there is such a thing as a sugar addict; I would class myself as a sugar addict AND an emotional eater - not a good combination At All!! It means that even when I'm happy and everything is going great, I still have that urge to over-indulge in carb-heavy bad food. Perhaps it's human nature, and the only answer is to teach ourselves how to eat in moderation...

Have you tried emptying your cupboards, fridge and freezer of anything and everything that might tempt you? Eating because you are bored doesn't have quite the same appeal if the only thing in the house is a plate of carrot sticks or a bowl of steamed broccoli :)

It's such a difficult struggle, I know, but we have the support of this community - Remember That! I think your idea of stopping when the urge comes and writing it out - either on here or in a journal - is a great one! Sharing your struggles might make them easier to overcome.

Comment by Paula on November 2, 2014 at 10:29am

I definitely believe sugar is addictive. It would certainly explain how one can over eat chocolate, but never over eat broccoli. Yes, I sure have tried the toss the stuff out and it works for a while. But it manages to get back into the house. Primarily because I get sick & tired of cooking. Pathetic, but true. Those quick & easy convient foods can sure make life easier.


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