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How many activity points for 10,000 steps?

Does anyone know if you earn any activity points for getting 10,000 steps in a day? It has got to count for something, but how do you figure how many activity points? I am going to try really hard to get that many steps in everyday. Tonight I had to do some steps on my aerobic step to get to 10,000, since I don't have a treadmill I figured this was a good way to help get some steps in. I actual felt it work my but a little too.

Todays weigh-in wasn't too bad. I lost .5. I probably lost more than that, but I forget to bring my outfit that I usual change in to to weigh in. So that was with my regular clothes which way a little more. That just means a good weigh in next week right.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am so excited. I live for the weekends to just hang out and relax.

Just a note: I got 10,104 steps Thursday. Yipee. I am so excited.

Not sure how today, Friday is going to be. I was up all night with a sick one.

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Comment by Shanna on January 31, 2009 at 6:07pm
That is alot of steps. I would think it would count for something. You are doing awesome. Congrats on the ,5 loss. What are weighin these days? Just being a nosey sister.
Comment by jolie on January 31, 2009 at 6:36pm
Steps will gain you activity points if you are breaking a sweat while doing them. The WW slider would help you determine points. As far as I know, if the steps are accumulated throughout the course of a day just doing your thing, then points do not apply as it was not an 'aerobic' activity. If you have access to WW online tools it could solve this. In all my in person meeting materials, it says your heart rate must be elevated for X number of minutes to gain x number of APs. So the ones on your stepper would count for sure, using the slider.

Still, making a goal of walking 10.000 steps a day is a great goal and shows you are moving. Often those with sedentary jobs get far fewer. Huge kudos for taking the steps.


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