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I wrote about half of a blog post yesterday and with one inadvertent key stroke it was all gone.

I wanted to introduce myself and begin my weight loss blogging journey. I hope this helps inspire and encourages others as well as recall where I was and how I'll get to my goal weight.

I joined Weight Watchers on July 8, 2010. My starting weight was 206.6 lbs. But how did I get here...I began dieting in 7th grade at the weight of 110 wearing a size 1/2 petite. Why would someone start dieting at that age and that small. I was about 95 lbs the year earlier and I guess my parents were afraid of things to come. Plus my mother was 105 lbs on her wedding day so according to her I was fat (though she herself no longer weighs that).

Anyways, between 7th grade and 12th grade I gained another 50 lbs. I mostly was forced to do the 3 day diet, mayo client diet, and take chromium picolinate on and off during those years. There would always be "prizes" for losing weight and setting weight goals. My family even joined a gym but that was short lived since my sister and I couldn't drive to it ourselves. I don't blame my parents as they tried the best they could and did what they thought would work.

In college I was left up to my own devices and I pounded down the hot cheese on french fries. I mean, the cafeteria manager knew me and would be quick to make sure the hot cheese machine was always working while I was there. I gained the average 15 lbs my freshman year. By the time I graduated (5 years to get my Masters) I weighed in at 185 lbs. This weight was mostly due to me working out with my roomies my grad year...actually it was more of a race to see who could get to the apartment gym first to use one of two elliptical machines.

Post college my weight stayed around 193 lbs. I would diet before a trip but then gain it back afterwards. Then in December 2007 I made a decision to change my life and eating habits. My friend was an avid runner and I ran in my first 5k while she ran a half marathon (had to do something while I waited on her to finish...haha). That ignited a spark in me to make a change. Running races felt good and I felt accomplished after finishing them. I began running around the neighborhood and eating smaller portions. Over the next 4 months I worked out in the gym 5 days a week and for about 2 hours each visit. I began skipping dinners and eating only a sandwich at lunch. The only meal I splurged on was breakfast because I felt I had all day to burn off those calories. I was losing weight but in a very unhealthy manner. I ended up getting down to 169 lbs.

During this manic weight loss schedule, I met my fiance. I ate well on dates for a while but then after a couple of months I was no longer exercising and stuffing horrible, greasy food in my body. By May 2009 (almost a year after my lowest weight point) I was back to 185 lbs. My family had suffered the loss of my Uncle and Mimi (maternal grandmother) within three short months. I don't feel I ate any worse or was fighting back emotions but I just continued to make poor decisions in regards to exercise and food choices.

I got engaged on January 1, 2010. I found my dress in February but put off ordering it until May because I needed to lose some weight. After three months of not doing anything about the weight loss I ordered the dress as I was measured for it. I had always put off doing a WW program as I felt it was for older people. I felt I could do it alone and support of my family was enough. I was confused by this "point" system. But, my employer was offering At Work meetings. Here's a way I can meet more people in the office and see what these meetings are all about. From the first meeting I was hooked! These women were normal and had the same struggles as I did. I found out what my points were and how to calculate them. This plan may work for me! And you say I can eat anything?! Game on!

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Comment by Jennifer on November 10, 2010 at 4:48pm
Welcome to BTL. THis is a great place to get supprt, share your troubles, have a laugh or two (or ten) at some of the funny stories we tell each other. Sounds like you have a plan in place. Looking forward to reading more about your journey!
Comment by Megan on November 10, 2010 at 10:56pm
I like how you say "these women were normal" made me laugh.


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