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I was on such a nice streak of eating well and avoiding sugar. Why did I buy gummy bears? They were organic and fruit-sweetened, so I thought, good, not a sugar-chemical cocktail. I wanted to try out something I read about gummies being a good booster during long-runs. 

I tried them on my 10-miler on Sunday, and they were definitely not better fuel than my Larabar. Which I could have guessed. We all know that I just wanted an excuse to have something decadently sweet!

So last night, I found myself up late, not sleepy, and wanting to put something in my mouth. I've done such a good job of not buying junky snacks, that there was nothing to munch on. Except those damn gummies. I finished off the bag, consuming so much sugar right before going to bed. 

No more buying gummy bears for me! 

Other than that, I've had some great eating over the past week. I've cooked more, used Pluto's salads as my "fast food" option when I don't feel like cooking. Sunday I made my crockpot chicken with bbq sauce, green beans cooked in tomatoes, and corn on the cob. It was also Monday's dinner. Monday and Tuesday breakfast has been my avocado smoothies, which I haven't taken out for a spin in a long while. Very satisfying and wholesome. 

My weight is a puzzle. Two weeks ago, I was excited to be closing in on a milestone- only 3lbs to 40lbsLost. But the following week, I was 3lbs UP. This week, I am back 3lbs down. I'm on a mission to duel it out with these three pounds so that I can finally achieve this milestone.

It's taking sooooo long to lose this 10lbs, compared to the first 30, and it's daunting because I still have so far to go AFTER the 40lbs. Will weight loss continue to be this sluggish?? Geesh. 

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Comment by Paula on February 28, 2012 at 8:09pm

I like Larabar's too. I try to make sure I read the label to avoid the ones made with too much sugar. I've done the dance with those mean little 3 pounds. It is so damn discouraging isn't it? I've been faltering, but finally the switch went off and I am back at it. I still have my snack moments, but I am working at losing 5 pounds by Easter. 

Comment by Megan on February 28, 2012 at 10:41pm

you know I remember thinking the weight loss slugged along and I thought I couldn't lose weight fast anymore, then I started dropping it quickly again for a while, like 4 lbs in one week and then a good week after that too.  It was crazy.  After a couple months it went back to stalled or very slow, but it was exciting there for a bit.  Hopefully you hit that pace even just for a week or 2.  Btw, there's so much I want to talk to you about  but I don't know how to form the questions.  I'll write on your wall when I think of what I want to know.  Basically just everything in regards to getting ready for this half.

Comment by Lynette S on February 29, 2012 at 12:07am

Gummi Bears are the devil, didn't you know?  My husband travels to Germany a lot for business, and I swear they put crack in the German gummis, so much better then the ones here.  I told him I was going to kick him if he continues to bring them back!

You are doing so good, focus on those 3 and they will be yours, you have done so amazing and come so far, you can do it.

Comment by Keem on February 29, 2012 at 8:16am

I've found that while sugar gives good temporary energy, it's not the same energy that good wholesome food--it's not as strong and it feels fake--and it doesn't last for a long time.  The good energy lasts all day and when you get done exercising after eating it, you get that nice workout high--and I don't get those if I have the fake energy.

Comment by Dee on February 29, 2012 at 7:39pm

@Paula, I am cheering you on and modeling after you on that 5lbs by Easter! That would be *so* lovely!

@Megan, Ask away! my training has been more lackluster than I'd hoped, but my goal is to do another half in 2012 so I will try to get better and better. And: you have given me HOPE- I HOPE I get to experience another burst of rapid weight loss, that will be so encouraging! 

@Lynette, now I want some German gummy bears!!! A friend of mine is from Germany, so now I know what to request the next time she visits home!

@Keem, wise words! I found all of that to be true when ate the gummies during my run. Like, five minute energy bursts compared to a half-hour, and it make me feel weird. 


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