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Thank goodness this week is over.

This morning started a little rough. I woke up at some point and thought it must be, like, 4:00 or something. And then, a moment later, my alarm went off. I really thought I had more sleep ahead of me. So I hit snooze. And then again. All said, I didn't get up until half an hour after I'd planned. Oops.

I still got in a run, but I decided I'd make it a short one. I thought I should work on speed since it was a short distance, but I ended up running a mile in 11 minutes, which is at the slower end of my usual time for a mile within a longer distance. I think part of that is because it takes some time to get into a rhythm, even moreso with the dog since I'm constantly trying to keep her in check for the first five minutes or so. Plus, we had to stop for traffic a couple of times.

Before I run with the dog, I walk her a little ways down the block to a grassy area where, theoretically, she can have her morning potty break. But she has not taken advantage of this. Oh well, it serves as a warm up, I guess.

Tonight, I had beer and pizza for dinner and I am not sorry. I only had two pieces of a small cheese pizza, and the beer, well, hey. It's Friday. I rode or ran every day this week (one day I even did both) and met my perpetual goal of getting to work early(ish) every day so that I wouldn't have to stay late. Dinner was mostly a satisfied little celebration of a good week rather than a drowning-my-sorrows-in-booze-and-cheese kinda thing.

I've gotten in the habit of taking fruit breaks at work. Smokers get to leave their desks, no questions asked, to go indulge in their habit, so why shouldn't I? At least mine is healthy and doesn't affect anyone else. It's mostly healthy, I should say. Today the orange I was peeling squirted me right in the eye. It was as if the orange was aiming. Well, tough luck, orange. It may have fought back, but I still won in the end. And it was tasty.

In other news, here's the not-healthy scone recipe from my last blog entry:

If you're adept at recipe modification, you could probably make some replacements to the cream, eggs, and/or butter to save on calories. But the ones I made yesterday are the full-on fatty recipe that would make Paula Deen proud.

Happy weekend, all, and don't forget to call your mom on Sunday!

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Comment by Cindy on May 12, 2012 at 12:09am

You did GREAT for a yay-it's-Friday meal! That is excellent! I am sure I would not have had the strength to eat and drink in moderation.

I totally agree about the fruit breaks. I sit there and peel mine right at my desk and boy does it squirt everywhere - especially the grapefruit!!

Great job on all your exercise this week also!

Comment by Keem on May 12, 2012 at 9:07am

Glad you're not kicking yourself--because you didn't have a binge or anything! :)


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