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4# loss at weigh in last night.  BAM!

Had fun learning the program and finding my way.  The WW app also added to the fun of the week.  Lots of support there.  Anyone else on WW - look me up on Connect - bryantlab

I had some a-ha moments this week.  The first came on Wednesday when we had a meeting with lunch provided by my boss.  At first I cringed and had to leave the room so that I could look up the points value of the Chick-Fil-A sandwich that they gave me.  I decided to cut it in 1/2 and eat my veggies that I brought for my lunch from home.  This way I wouldn't draw attention to myself.  (I haven't told anyone that I'm on a diet or doing WW - I just want to learn to live in it)

Foods that I have been using as a "go-to" healthy snack have really high points values. (almonds, sargento balanced snack pack)  While I know they are truly healthy options, I figured out that I can still have them, but I need to find a way to work them in that makes sense.

On Friday, my family and I went out to eat at Longhorn.  I knew that I wanted a glass of wine.  So I calculated my meal points around that glass of wine.  I ordered the shrimp, broccoli (asked for it naked and steamed) and some roasted carrots.  I got the salad too.  I would up 1/2 ing everything except for the wine and the broccoli.  The bread board was on the way other side of the table.  While I could still smell its lusciousness, I didn't feel tempted.

Saturday my youngest son and I went to see Beauty & the Beast.  (Excellent movie BTW).  He works at the theater so he bought the tickets a head of time.  We met after he got off work and I took him for a bite to eat before we went back to see our movie.  He asked for Wendy's.  UGH.  But I took him.  I got the grilled chicken sandwich and a diet drink and was happy.  I did pull out 5 fries from his meal.  He was like "Mom, you can have them, but you need to track it."  And I did.  I would have anyway.  Had enough points on the day to get popcorn for the movie.

Going into this - I had made up my mind on two things I am not willing to compromise on.  1) I will not move to "fat free" or "low-fat" foods.  2) I will continue to eat clean  --- in other words, if I'm using Mayo - it will be real mayo.  If I'm using sour cream --- it will be real sour cream.  I'm just using less of it or the suggested serving size and accepting the points for what they are.  I will make it work.

Biggest take a way from the week:  Things are going to come up.  Situations will arise where I will have no control over what is presented before me as a meal.  But I have to learn how to navigate those situations gracefully and have the control to make good decisions; while enjoying the moment.

Everything I've done in the last four years - was in preparation of where I am headed today.

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Comment by Christy on March 24, 2017 at 9:06am

Ack!! You are rocking this! I am so excited reading this post. What a great week. I looked you up on Connect (I'm cwyatt0218) I'm there a lot more than here!

Comment by Paula on March 26, 2017 at 4:28pm
Go LindaB. You got this girl!
Comment by Erica on March 31, 2017 at 2:31pm

Awesome first week!  I also do not eat any low fat or fat free products.  I'm not on WW, so not counting points, I use MFP so I track calories and macros and I'm short so I don't get much.  l eat full fat yogurt and full fat lattes (2 a day that I make at home), whole eggs, basically whatever I want, while focusing on whole real foods.  I like to eat and I don't want to be hungry so I let that be my guide.       


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