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Ever Feel Like Your Partner Gets in the Way of Your Weight Loss?

Hey Guys! 


First, real fast... I wanted to let you know we will be announcing new forums and forum moderators shortly. If you have any suggestion please share! 


Second, I was contacted by Amanda G. Harp, M.A. a Doctoral Student at Clark University. She's doing a study about partners sabotaging weight loss efforts and I thought some of you may be interested in participating.


In Amanda's words, 

I'm a trained couples therapist completing my PhD in clinical psychology at Clark University.  I just recently completed my pre-doctoral internship in health psychology at Duke University Medical Center.  I've heard so many people's stories of frustration and anguish with their partners who "just keep getting in the way" by doing all sorts of things from buying the wrong foods at the grocery store, nagging to go to a restaurant where the favorites are all high-calorie and off-program, or by begging them not to exercise right now and do something sedentary instead.

I decided that this was exactly how I could combine my interests in couples therapy and health psychology.  For my dissertation, I am developing an anonymous, online survey to assess for partner undermining of weight loss.


1) Have you been participating in a weight loss program for the past 5 weeks?

2) Have you been in a committed, cohabitating relationship for the past 2 years?

3) Do you ever feel like your partner/spouse gets in the way of your weight loss?

If so, please participate in this anonymous, online survey:

This survey should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Responses cannot be traced back to participants. Any question may be left unanswered. Participation is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time. If eligible to take this survey, you may opt to enter a lottery for $100.

Please direct questions about this study to Amanda ( or Dr. Cordova



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Comment by Keem on November 16, 2011 at 8:45am


My husband doesn't get in the way of mine--but, I probably get in the way of his because I buy him junk knowing he wants to lose weight.  The reason I do is because he counts calories online and so he has always eaten junk and lost weight.  I know he doesn't always track each day either.  If I don't buy the junk, he will go out and buy it when it's not on sale and end up paying a lot more for it.  Financially speaking, I figure it's better if I buy it cheaper than to have him sneak off and buy it (to stash in his office) and pay more.  I thought about not buying it--but the result would be the same and in the end, he's responsible for what he consumes....

Comment by Roni on November 16, 2011 at 12:43pm

SO funny! I do the same thing. I buy it for him because he's going to get it anyway. 

Comment by Almost There on November 22, 2011 at 11:01am

Wow, I took the survey, what an eye opener.  I don't think I will complain about my husband requesting fettuccine alfredo with chicken AND bacon.  Some of those behaviors listed in the survey seemed downright abusive. 


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