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My day is over. I'm about to get a shower and hit the hay. I did all I said I was going to do today. This morning Jason (DH) and I did our first CD from the Focus T-25 series. It was tough but we made it through. I wasn't dripping sweat as I do with Insanity, but my body, calves especially were feeling it.

I then wrote down all my food that I planned to eat for the day, accounting for calories and stuck to it all day. Jason even took a break from plowing to drive me to the store to pick up lettuce for a lunch salad. I hate driving the day after it scares the heck out of me!

We switched times for our cardio dance class (I co-teach with a friend) and so I ate dinner beforehand, something I usually don't do. Afterwards, I was really hungry and I already went through my food for the day. I made some popcorn (no butter) and munched that, but took a few bites of the kids' caramel popcorn that they were eating. Way too tempting. I'm still at around 1770 calories. I'm thinking it's a step in the right direction just to be tracking my food at all, since I fell out of that habit months ago!

I'm not gonna post everything I ate today, but I should start taking pictures to post. My kids make fun of me that I always make my meals look like I am eating at a restaurant. Well, I'm off for the night. Tomorrow is another day and I need my rest to be able to make good decisions.

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Comment by Paula on January 3, 2017 at 8:48am
I did T25 & I thought it was a great program. It will get you in shape. I also did Power 90 & it really got me back to the body I wanted. It was kind of boring but the results were there. It took 9 months (3 rounds) but it worked. Insanity was hard. I did it once, but it was all I could handle. I didn't want to hate exercise. Then I got T25 & it was perfect for me.


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