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So that was my official weigh in this morning. I am a little pleased considering a couple of weeks ago I weighed in at 229! I started my morning out with a cup of granola and 1/2 cup milk=420 cal. for the granola and 55 cal. for the milk. I bought a bunch of cantelope at Costco the other day, so I am going to take a bunch of that to work. I am going to count 1500 cal a day, which was what I did last year to lose weight. My first goal is to lose 9.5#'s to get me back to where I was in April of last year. (218). And then my lowest I have been in 6 years was 209, (in 2003) that will be my next goal. ANd from there I will probably just make 10 pound goals at a time.

I feel like I'm ready again. I'm ready to get into all my size 16 stuff. And I'm ready to make the commitment to myself.

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