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It's been a long last post was Nov in 2009 and then it had stopped and I had a good enough reason..I was pregnant with child number 2. I had a OK pregnancy (with a pre-term labour scare, regular  monitoring and one month of bed rest ) and delivered a beautiful baby boy at 35 weeks on July 1 2010. He is such a joy and gopig to turn 1 soon.


I have tried getting back on the excercise wagon since he was 5 months old..I did workout atleast 3 -4 times a week for 45 mins in the gym but my eating was not very controlled. Not that I was feeding on junk but I certainly ate like I was pregnant ..I mean I did'nt need those additional calories but my boday had'nt caught on!


I weighed around 125 pounds at the start of my pregnancy which was a comfortable weight for me. I felt active and did look good. At the end of my pregnancy I weighed 150 pounds!..


I lost 10 pounds post the delivery and all the gymming. I seem to have plateaued at 140 pounds now. Iam not comfortable being this heavy and alll my weight seems to be concentrated on the mid-section. I hate that I still look 4 months pregnant in the mirror if I look sideways.


Iam not beating myself up but I really need to lose these 15 pounds. I will continue to track my calories and my exercise and see how it pans out.


My goal - reach 125 pounds by the end of this year. It's not a lofty goal..and I want to do it.


Without further delay - Today's chart:


Breakfast - 2 slices of toast with butter

1 glass of chai


Mid-morning snack - 100 calorie whole whet crisps

Lunch - 1 cup rice

1 cup cabbage seasoned with cocunuts

1 cup of dal

Afternoon sncak - 1 Apple

Dinner - 1 cup of Upma


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