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So I keep coming back to Blog to Lose hoping that I will keep up with my blog and get support and give support along my weight loss journey. I just keep giving up. I am becoming frustrated with myself that I am just stuck in a rut. Scale moves from 176 to 172 way to much. I long to be the 155 that I was before I had my baby(which was 2 years ago). Right now I am refusing to buy a bigger size pants and I am hating my muffin top. I borrowed my brothers ab chair and I am hoping that it will help with that problem. Today I have eaten pretty good. My stomach feels a little funny so food hasn't sounded real great today. I have not had much motivation to exercise for awhile now so I decided that eating better is going to have to be my top priority through this process. Kids are in school now and I am hoping to have some more me time. So here I go again!

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Comment by Keem on August 31, 2011 at 12:18pm

Good for you that you don't do the purposeful muffin. :)

I have a SPARE TIRE (worse than a muffin) and I won't wear stuff that accentuates it or makes me look pregnant. :P

Comment by Paula on August 31, 2011 at 9:08pm
Welcome back. I have a had a bit of a problem with getting re-motivated. BTL is a great place for it though. Let us know if the AB chair works.


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