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Today I want to share 2 things: a yummy recipe and some words of encouragement- for myself and anyone else who benefits from it.

First off, the recipe. It is so good I just had to share it. It's a great lunch recipe (and it's something you could take to work and refrigerate if needed). I altered it a little but it's from

Tuna Pesto Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes (1 serving)
7 pts

1 (6 oz.) can tuna packed in water
1 tbsp basil pesto
1 tbsp Miracle Whip
2 tbsp shredded parmesan cheese
5 sun-dried tomatoes (dried, not packed in oil)

Cut the tomatoes into pieces and mix everything together. Refrigerate until ready to serve (or gobble it up immediately!)

Now don't let the ingredients scare you! It's kind of a lot to buy at once but you will be able to make it several times from the things you buy (except the tuna). I just buy a jar of pesto (Classico brand) for $2.99 in the pasta aisle. Pesto is also good when mixed with pasta or put on chicken. And the sun-dried tomatoes are super cheap too- like less than $2.00. You don't have to use shredded parm cheese either you could either omit it or use grated. I always mix the tuna salad with lettuce or spinach. I have made it like 5 times at least and I love it! You can't really taste the tuna at all either, which is a plus.

Today I wrote a little mantra of things to tell myself when when I a)want to mess up, or b) DO mess up.

*100% of the time... you will be happy tomorrow that you didn't eat it!
*No matter what, tomorrow what you ate will be gone, pooped out, and regretted.
*Whatever you have done, it's better then if you mess up for even another day or week or month.
*You never know how soon you will feel mentally better- it might only take one healthy meal to get you back on track!
*Don't punish yourself tomorrow or this week by restricting food- just get back on the plan no matter how you feel.
*DON'T fall back into "I'll start tomorrow"!!!! You know that doesn't work- start RIGHT NOW!
*No matter how horrible you feel right now, if you stop right now it's better than if you kept on going- minimize the damage!
*Take yourself out of the situation and look at the big picture! It's ALL about the big picture!
*Stop beating yourself up- do you celebrate every day that you are successful? No! Yet you beat yourself up at every little slip up. No one is perfect! Change your attitude and start fresh.
*It is just a temporary funk that will be forgotten in 2 days!
*Telling yourself "I'll start tomorrow" and being all or nothing is how you have gained weight EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's a recipe for disaster.

I'm going to try to remember to read that every time I go off plan. I have a super hard time with dealing with slip ups when losing weight and it's something I really need to work on. So those are my mantra's!

Have an awesome OP day everyone! Thanks for welcoming me to the community.

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Comment by Tricia on September 9, 2008 at 1:26pm
Those are some great ideas. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the one "You never know how soon you will feel mentally better--it might only take one healthy meal to get you back on track." I know that I feel so much better about myself after 1 (JUST 1) day of eating healthy. It is amazing how it motivates me. Now the trick is to make myself get through that first day. Once you start, you build up the momentum to stay on track. "I think I can, I think I can." :)


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