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Not a lot to say today, got through my day great!  After drop-off, had a coffee date with a friend (3P+ - grande NF Latte) and then, immediately went for my run, got myself cleaned up, ate lunch, and off to school for my volunteer time.

Great steps:  

  1. The last few weeks I was splurging (practically daily) on a mocha when I went to coffee, and while there wasn't that big of a savings, none actually I just looked it up, i think the sweetness was part of what drove me to want something else sweet, and so on, and so on...  Also, because it was so tasty, I wanted them more frequently, and that's 3 extra points plus a day.  So I had a NF latte, and I was happy with it, and I didn't want another one this afternoon and I don't think I'll want another one tomorrow either!  
  2. Getting my run in.  I've been babying my knee and using any excuse not to get my run in for fear of re-injuring my knee.  Today I set the treadmill a little slower and tried not to think about where I was at 3 months ago.  I pushed myself when I felt I could take it and slowed down when I was feeling it.  Good news, no inhaler needed, so I think my asthma control medication is working!  Put in 2.23 miles in about 32 minutes.

Found a new love today, I picked up some Trader Joe's Champaign Pear Vinaigrette with Gorgonzola, 1 P+ for 2 Tbl, holy cow it was good!  Paired that with a salad and some of the Trader Joe's Battered Halibut and it was a completely satisfying lunch!  Dinner was good, I had a little too much, but journaled it and dipped into my AP's.

I realized today that we're leaving on a jaunt on Friday (argh) to Disneyland, we bought season passes last year, so we are doing one last hurrah, since we won't be renewing our passes.  I'm beginning to get a little anxious about staying on track there, so I'm going to start visualizing and getting myself ready to be successful, travel is always hard for me, I tend to go off the rails, but I'm not going to do it this time!  

Cheers ~ lynette

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Comment by Jill Mace on January 5, 2012 at 6:28am

Sounds like you are so motivated right now.  You can use that motivation to help you in Disneyland.  I would be happy to "sit on your shoulder" and "remind" you that you want to stay on track more than whatever it is you might be putting in your mouth?? :) 

When I am going away or feeling out of control with my food choices- I try and chant to myself as much as I can- "what do I want more"???

Great job on your run and listening to your body!

Comment by Keem on January 5, 2012 at 8:21am

So you're weaning yourself off of them--physically and financially. :)

Comment by LB on January 5, 2012 at 10:00am

Completely agree about effects of the Mocha.  I am such a sucker for the Pumpkin Spice latte and absolutely swooned over the Salted Carmel Mocha. (Thank goodness my local SB does not seem to have that on their menu anymore.  Or if they do, I can no longer see it.)  My big battle began at SB yesterday over a mocha and I went for the grande skinny vanilla latte. Truth be told, I only drank half of it as I really did not like it- too sweet!

RE: Disneyland, try packing some emergency "food" in your purse, including some fun/not so damaging treats.  Focus on drinking lots of water. Keep your hunger in check and give yourself permission to eat your stash whenever you feel like it. Then let it go.  You'll be walking a lot anyway.  More than anything, fixate on having a great time with your family and not on food and exercise.  You are motivated and clearly have a handle on things! 

Remind yourself that all is well.  You are taking care of yourself in the best way possible at this given moment.

Most of all, have a great time! :)

Comment by Heather on January 5, 2012 at 10:02am

Sounds like a terrific day.  Nice job on listening to your body while you were running.  Out of town events are always hard.  Since you've been before you know your food options.  Try to plan and get it in your mind what you are going to do.  When we went to Disney World I made sure breakfast was cereal and a banana.  I tried to find grilled chicken for lunch or a pretzel - which I know the pretzel has a lot of points but it satisfied me and I didn't get a side a fries with it either : )   Just have a game plan going in - know what you are going to say no to and plan for anything "special" you might want.  But just make it worth it.  Also remember you will be walking a ton and that is helpful too.

We are not friends on Nike+.  Last winter I started using my phone and Cardio Tracker for my running.  On the fence about switching back.  The phone is GPS based and seems to be a little more reliable.  What is the challenge?  Maybe I can just post my results if I don't go back to the Nike or maybe I could use both since I do run with my iPod.  Let me know.

Keep up the fabulous job!!!!

Comment by Almost There on January 5, 2012 at 10:55am

Better to go slow than blow out the knee and have to stop completely for awhile.  Dang bodies, don't they understand what we are trying to do for them!!!

Are you just going on a day trip?  String cheese keeps pretty darn well.  Maybe small packs of nuts.  Something to get a little protein and fat to keep you from feeling hungry.  Salads and fruit along just don't cut it for me!  And apples and bananas get pretty banged up in my purse!  Have fun!

Comment by Cindy on January 5, 2012 at 12:59pm

Take care of your knee! Get it better first. I really regret not taking care of my knees when I was running. Ultimately, that's why I had to stop running. 

The points/calories in Starbux stuff is mind boggling! Recently, I switched to just a double espresso with a little milk and sometimes I'll have them add a shot of syrup. It's small but I've realized what I really want is the caffeine and the espresso does it. 

You can stay strong at Disney! You are doing so great! I like Jill's advice of asking yourself what you want more. Or maybe commit to two healthy meals a day - ie, a good breakfast and lunch - and then not worry so much at dinner (within reason, of course!). You'll do great! 

Comment by Dee on January 5, 2012 at 1:47pm

Great discovery re: the mocha issue! Isn't it interesting how a little thread can either cause the whole program to unravel; or if you find and fix that thread, you're good to go. Sorry about your health barriers to running- sounds like you're taking the right steps to make sure you stay healthy while getting back into running. I never understand people who want to "push through pain"- don't they realize that doing so can cut them out of the entire game eventually? I have a friend who used to run too much, through injury, and so badly damaged her knees she's been told she should never  run recreationally again. Anyway, kudos to you for putting your safety and health first! (And good luck at Disneyland; having a plan is a crucial step!) 


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