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I was concerned about the weekend due to a lack of control but made it through and did pretty well.  Claim Jumper was easy.  I knew what i was going to order before I got there (spinach salad) and stuck to it.  I did take a couple calamari but literally just a couple.


Now back to the work week where I have control.  The only glitch is the pot luck.  I made turkey chili.  No one knows it is with turkey and I am not going to tell.  Turkey, tomatoes, seasoning and pinto beans.  Not too bad. 


I'd like to hit the yoga/pilates studio tonight but California commuter traffic may mess that up for me.  Will have to see.


Steady on the scale but would like to see a shift down by Friday. 


Good luck to everyone this week.

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Comment by Ali on October 1, 2016 at 5:28pm

Yahoo! Good job! Potluck victory is a big deal for me. Great job staying on track!


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