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Please bear with me as I do this from my phone. We are in the midst of renovating the dining room. Long story. I'll tell you about it when I have a real keyboard .( maybe I'll borrow mom's, tomorrow)
Basically, I went to strip wallpaper, paint and be done. 112 year old plaster had other plans and we gutted the dining room, ran new electric and since my computer/toy room is adjacent, it's along for the ride. Our breaker box is being installed, updated to 220 ( 220, 221. Whatever it takes!- please PLEASE tell me a few of you get the reference!)
Our electrician is also a fireman, so since he has to work today, I have bare necessities. Kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. The "big" tv is on an extension cord going WAY back into the kitchen. ( please do NOT attempt! We are professionals! ) I'm only doing that so I can have the satellite receiver on for the tv in our bedroom.
So. Since Lil Varmint is starting food-food, I can do Old Weight Watchers without him complanning too much. ( and he is a MONSTER! Mr. 4 months old is wearing 9 month clothing, weighs 17lbs and thinks the sun rises and sets on a jar of squash!)
Ok. Typing on a screen the size of a deck of cards is getting aggravating! In closing, Paula! I live!
Put on the tea! I have stories!

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Comment by Keem on April 13, 2012 at 8:08am

I'll bet doing that burns lots of calories!

Comment by Paula on April 13, 2012 at 8:25pm

It is so GOOD to see you back. I have been wondering what the heck you're up to. Get that computer back up so we can work together to fight this battle.

Comment by Megan on April 14, 2012 at 5:11pm

You are so busy.  2 kids and renovating the house sounds like a lot to deal with.  Good luck on new WW.


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