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Pizza Sabatoge (Almost!) and Who wants a job?!

Blogging is helpful - its a really healthy outlet for me.  Sometimes just writing down what I'm going through let's me put things in perspective.


I am SO tempted to order a pizza right now.  It would be much easier than making dinner - plus I am STRESSED out.  Owning your own business has upsides and downsides. I'm deciding to just write down what I'm stressed about - and this is a call to action for any of you out there that may be able to help me or KNOW someone that can help me.


I'm not going to order a pizza because:


1. My fridge is full of yummy healthy things that will be much more satisfying in the end than any takeout could possibly be.

2. I only want to do this because I am stressed - and my reaction to hard times is to make times even harder - ie. blow my health plan out of the water and binge like I'm on a freakshow....

3. I put on my pajamas so I wouldn't leave the house....which makes it hard to go get a pizza

4. I have will-power! Blogging right now means that I recognize I don't need this pizza and I CAN DO BETTER.


Here is my question - does ANYONE out there know a web developer? Someone who can build websites on Wordpress CMS and who has experience doing e-commerce sites using Magenta or Zencart? My current employee just took a big dump on me (this is the source of my stress!) and I have projects backed up like mad! I need someone who is capable, motivated, skilled and deadline oriented and wants to make some money! If you have friends or family that excel in this area, that are out of work, or just looking to pick up some extra freelance - by all means, send them my way --- have them email me with the subject "Want to Work" I would love if my fellow BTL'ers could help me recruit :)You do NOT have to be local - you can be anywhere in the country!


OK - I'm going to make dinner - don't know what - but I'm going to open my pantry and pull something together because I value my long term success more than I value a pizza!

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Comment by Paula on June 2, 2011 at 7:34pm
I hope you chose a healthy dinner. I made bean tostada's. It took all of 15 minutes. Finding a quick recipe helps me so much. Most nights I create one pot wonders. Hope you have a great night.
Comment by Dee on June 2, 2011 at 7:36pm
I wish I had a recruit for you, but I can say, what a great message in your last line. It really is about that, isn't it- remembering what it's all for- that end goal! I hope you come up with something yummy in your fridge.
Comment by Heather on June 2, 2011 at 8:50pm
Way to avoid the pizza - good for YOU!  I know someone that does some web developing but not sure they can do everything you are looking for.  I will pass on the info and let you know.  Keep up the good work on dealing constructively with your stress.
Comment by Erin Reardon on June 2, 2011 at 9:56pm

We make pizzas every friday night (to fight off the craving for it) ... I uses Trader Joes whole wheat pizza dough and my homemade marinara sauce ... then top with tons of veggies ... mushrooms, zucc, onion, spinach and 2% cheese ... so good !!! 


PS ... thanks for the motivation and encouragement on my blog today ... I am doing great so far and am going to plug on through! 

Comment by Theresa on June 3, 2011 at 6:41am

I was in that same place last night! I too had to deal with some unpleasant and disturbing employee troubles. But I came home and made WW Mac & Cheese (which is fantastic and low fat!). I also decided I would put pizza on the menu so that I can plan for it! That helps me some times get through not having the junk stuff!


As far as the job... I have sent your info to my hubby. He used to work as a web developer way way back! He is looking to change jobs and not sure what he wants to do yet. Maybe your need will spark a flame again!! lol


PS Today will be a better day!!


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