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First Week in the WW Books

4# loss at weigh in last night.  BAM!

Had fun learning the program and finding my way.  The WW app also added to the fun of the week.  Lots of support there.  Anyone else on WW - look me up on Connect - bryantlab

I had some a-ha moments this week.  The first came on Wednesday when we had a meeting with lunch provided by my boss.  At first I cringed and had to leave the room so that I could look up the points value of the Chick-Fil-A sandwich that they gave me.  I decided to cut…


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Remember Me?

WOW - its been a while for sure.  July 9, 2016 to be exact.  Its been quite the ride.

Let me start by saying, dang I've missed you guys.  So I joined Weight Watchers last Monday.  Yup.  After a million years (not really) of trying it on my own, I came to the realization that I need to spend the money for the accountability.  Don't get me wrong.  I have learned a lot on my own and I have made a lot of changes in how I approach food.  I just haven't been making progress # wise.  Healthy…


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& We have Movement!

Week two of the new job under the belt and it has confirmed my first impressions and that is "I have made the best decision!!"

I have gotten in some exercised between the incredible thunder storms with some runs, walks and today a Zumba class.  Yeah, a Zumba class.  I was pretty spastic, but I did sweat.  A friend of mine teaches some PiYo classes at this open gym along with a Buns class.  Its $5 a session.  The great thing is its on the way home from work now that I'm going in a…


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Half Way Through 2016 (Its 2016!!!)

WOW ladies, for real we are half way through the year already.  Hardly seems possible, right?  But here we are July 1 and about to embark on the second half of the year.  I just looked at my post from Jan 2nd and reviewed my 2016 goals.  I started out slow but I want to finish strong.  I've already made a huge life change and I believe that alone will help me achieve or at least make progress in the other areas.  Just the reduction of stress alone this week has been huge.

I finished…


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First 3 Days

My first 3 days at the new job have been wonderful.  I feel welcomed, appreciated and included into the team dynamic.

I have packed my lunches all week and stayed on track.  The only exception is that we are on summer hours which means 4x10 and Friday's off.  Getting into the swing has made exercise almost impossible.  I should get that worked out by the weekend and next week will be good.  I usually takes a week for the body to adjust; always does.

Scale results for the week…


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The Story of the Optional Uniform

I've had a great week ladies and I can say that I am ready to start the new chapter of my story tomorrow morning.

I purged the closet of "optional" uniforms this week! Probably the most satisfying task thus far. I think it felt so good, because it was one of the most humiliating thing .... among many that my former boss did to me during my tenure.

Note: When I say humiliating - I don't mean that wearing a lunch lady uniform is humiliating -- I wore it proudly. It was the way in…


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One Day...

Just sitting outside on this cool morning with my coffee thinking ... One Day, I'll wake up and be at the end of this journey.  One Day, I'll wake up and not have to be concerned with my weight and needing to loose.  But that just doesn't happen.  We don't wake up and all of a sudden we are thin again.  It is something we need to put our minds to and put the work in.  Sucks right?

I just want to be there already.  But the truth is, I could have been there so many times already; if I'd…


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Self-Care Days .... 4 & 5

Day 4 of self-care week ....

Youngest son and I went and donated 14 boxes of books to our summer feed program here locally.  Yes, for the the district that I am leaving.  We have 4 buses and 6 trucks that go out into the community and feed children all summer long - breakfast and lunch.  We put the books on the vehicles and allow the kids to take what they want and encourage reading.

Afterwards we went to game stop and picked up a Wii game called Just Dance and…


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Self-Care Week...making progress

On Day 1 of Self-Care week - I did a little clothes shopping .... since scrubs aren't a required part of my dress code starting next week and all I have are running gear and scrubs, I needed a little closet makeover for sure.  I'm going to say its a little unnerving to go shopping for clothes when a) you are 5' tall;  b) overweight and c) you haven't had to have an actual wardrobe in your closet in 6 years.  I have managed…


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Let's Try this Again .....

Ok Ladies - Here I am - back in the saddle.  As I mentioned the other day, I got a new job.  I am so excited!  Its not that I hated my old one - I actually love what I do.  Its the people and lack of support that was stressful.  (Actually - I loved my field people, it was really just my boss)  I just want to be somewhere where I can make an impact, be productive and be appreciated.  My boss was far from any of that.  In fact, I think I was the red-headed step-child of our department.  She…


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Not Quite Back Yet...

So, I'm not quite back yet, but I did have some exciting news to share.

You know that stressful job I have ... well, my last day is this coming Wednesday.  I am so excited - I can not wait until this heavy weight is removed from my chest.  I feel like its caving in on me .... just gotta hang on.

Maybe once I get back to a normal ... well as normal as normal can be ---- I can focus once again on me and make being healthy instead of being stressed out and miserable because of a…


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No Words

Well the last of the MIAs to check in.

I really haven't had any words that I felt were inspiring or would add value - so I've been laying low.    I've just been trolling by and commenting here and there.  I don't want to be the Debbie Downer for y'all while I've been playing with the same 5#s up and down.

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Back in the Swing

I am please to say that after a fairly emotional and hectic week last week, that I have pulled myself together and I'm back in a good routine.  Between loosing my sweet dog and also being involved in an audit from the state at work - I was emotionally spent.  So glad its a new week.

Food wise, I've done really well - I know its just Wednesday --- but I feel good about my choices and my intake to what is burned.

Sunday afternoon, I got my first run in - in two weeks.  I was able…


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Got By

Got by last night without a gain from my abandon ship night.

Thanks for all the love ladies.  We are better today.  Sad yes ... but I don't think there are any tears left in my head.

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Abandon'd Ship

Well, its been a sucky day my friends.  Today we said goodbye to one of our pets.  He's not just a pet, we was a total member of our family.  Yes, I'm a crazy animal lover.  He was our first Chihuahua.  I've always had large dogs; but he stole our hearts from the word go and now we own three (well, two now - plus a big dog and a cat who adopted us back in September).  This guy, this guy - He was special and I've never owned another dog like him and I doubt I ever will.  I've never been so…


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No BInge Week

This week wasn't as focused as last week but at least I didn't binge.  I haven't weigh this morning, but I think I managed to maintain --- it was a busy busy week. #2 son had three tennis matches this week that kept us on the road - so no time to cook and no time to get a run or a walk in.  I did go on two 3 mile walks with my friend, but didn't get to run.

Last Sunday of course, was wine tasting day with my oldest child and some of his college mates.  Turns out the boys backed out…


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Disciplined Week

I am pleased with myself this past week as I found control and discipline and managed to rid myself of 3 of the 5#s that I have been playing with for the past two or three months.  So that is a start in the right direction.

My food was focused ... I had one day (Fri) where I had too many carbs but over all it was even a good day.  I've just been trying to have a grain either at breakfast or lunch ... not all three meals which is what happened.  But in all it was nothing to cry over…


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What Day is It?

Its hump day!!!!  And it was a good one.

Another good food day; and I stayed on task.  Got water in - but I should have done better.  All foods are logged and got in a 2.4 mile run.

After work my youngest had a tennis match.  His singles didn't go so well and afterwards he was a butt to me ... honestly in that moment I was over the Momma Thing.  My feelings were so hurt and I'm tired of the snotty teen stuff.  So I came home and went for my run and then did some stuff around…


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Made it thru Tuesday!

The Tar Heels lost last night in an very exciting game.  I heard it was great.....I went to bed at the half.

I've made it through Tuesday and day #2.  Completely on track and motivated.

Food has been spot on.  Everything is logged.  I actually even forgot to eat my afternoon snack today.  I'll save it for tomorrow and I pushed more water today.

Went for a walk today with my friend who had knee surgery we did 2.5 miles today.  During our walk I asked her to hold me…


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Crushed it Today

I think I crushed Monday ladies.  Well -- crushed it for me anyway.

I did really good with my nourishment and I pushed myself into running after work.  It was a gorgeous day - reached 72 with a great breeze.  One thing I realized that as the weather gets warmer I need to make sure that I push my water before the run; and I prefer the colder weather to run in.  I put down 2.33 miles.  I was quite slow today.  But I really think that had a lot to do with lack of water and the warmer…


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