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The Season Has Officially Started

Last night was the first cheer game.  It was a JV game, but it starts off the basketball season.  Now my days will be even more full--of driving back and forth to games in the evening. 


I'm super tired, so I'm keeping this short.  I have a "date" with the hubby to watch a movie and then put up the Christmas tree.  I also have to work out somewhere in there!


Here's the meal plan today:

B: cheez-its and kit-kat  (no excuse.  I left breakfast on the counter…


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Doing and Moving

I'm staying positive.  Here's all the great things that happened today:  I got to work and got everything ready for class.  We finalized the final exam for my sophomore classes.  I graded all of my notebooks before class started.  I had good discussions with kids in class.  I got practice completed for cheerleading.  I got my exercise in for the day.  I got the cheer bow situation resolved.  I am about to enter in two and a half weeks' worth of assignments into the computer and therefore can…


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Post Thanksgiving Post

Travel always knocks some wind out of my sails.  I was so very tired!  It was also probably due to helping my mom go shopping starting at 10pm on Thanksgiving...and we didn't get done until 6:30 am!!  


I am ready to be back to the norm again.  Had breakfast, dressed for workout and will do that next, then to meal plan and grocery shop, then grade and enter grades in grade book, and lesson plan for the week.  Just 3 1/2 weeks before break!! 


Breakfast: cup of…


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Working Through It

Work has been frustrating lately.  I guess it's just the kids' attitudes.  It's this, "I wanna be lazy but I don't want to pay the consequences of being lazy because you should understand that I'm a kid so I don't have any accountability and why are you being so mean and making me do this" attitude.  Like I enjoy hearing them complain??  Like I don't have stuff to do as an adult?  Like I don't have to go home and grade all the stuff they do??  UGH.  I don't like that they are so…


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Start-Stop, Start-Stop

I don't know why I can't be consistent.  I guess it's just having the hubby home and then away and then home and then away.  On top of that, this year has been the most stressful of all, with my dad's cancer and taking care of two dogs by myself, and school and cheer coaching....


But hubby bought me a new Kinect game to add to my rotation.  It won't be lack of resources if I fail again.  It will be my own lazy butt.  He got me The Biggest Loser game for Kinect and boy did it…


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What a Wonderful Weekend

I had a crazy week, but what kept me going was knowing I got to pick up my hubby from the airport Friday evening.  I got there, we checked in to a hotel in STL and went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  If you've never eaten there, you kinda have to suspend whatever understanding of calories you have and just try to order smart.  Their dishes are ridiculously huge and full of calories.  I ate half of my dish and we got a slice of cheesecake to go.  I had 1/2 of the cheesecake before…


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What? A Good Monday?!

I had a good day today.  I like when the week starts off right.


I got as much grading done as I could today.  I still have more to do, but I can do it later.  Class wasn't too bad and I got some kids straightened out today so that's a good thing.


I got very into a Food Network show this weekend--I like Giada and her Thanksgiving recipes had me drooling.  So this week I'm recreating some of her ideas with my own spin on things.

For dinner tonight…


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Sleep-In Sunday

I slept in until 10:00.  That hasn't happened in over a year, I'm pretty sure (not counting when I had the flu).  It was so nice to sleep almost to the point of too much sleep.  My body definitely needed it to do some repair.  After taking the dogs out, I got ready and went to church.  I hadn't been in a while due to my stress levels with my job and needing to get some work done there, but I didn't care today.  I figured the work would still be there when I got home and, surprise, it still…


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Ahhh, the Weekend

Can I just have no work all the time?  :)  Friday night I went out with friends for dinner and drinks.  It was fun.  I should have stuck with water, but we were celebrating one friend's cancer-free news, so there were rounds of shots.  I ate too, and it was over a five hour period so I didn't get drunk.


I was debating about whether or not to go to a tailgate party this morning but opted out so that I could stay home and get some work done.  I ate lunch with my mother in law…


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Still Making It

I had a few late nights this week.  Turkey for Teachers was last night--a girls' philanthropy group at our school asks their favorite teachers to come to a Thanksgiving dinner every year.  This is the second year I've been asked, but this year not all the teachers who were invited came.


Today I worked out some issues at school.  I feel a little better about everything.  I also decided not to get upset about things that I can't control.  I can only control how I react to…


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It's Only Tuesday?

Whoa, it feels like the last two days have equaled a week in themselves.  Yesterday I was in a bum mood.  Today I'm in a good mood, but had another icky day.  Two of my cheerleaders got in a fight and one punched the other in the face.  At school.  So......this is going to be a long season.


I had to stay late at work to get an award for winning a grant; it was presented during the board meeting.  So that was kinda cool.  And another teacher gave me a compliment, saying I had…


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This Monday Gets an F-

As a teacher, I feel the need to grade today.  And it gets an F-.  I don't know if I needed more sleep, if I am slightly depressed because the hubby is now gone, or if everyone was really so disappointing to me today.  Or if it was all of the above.  


Here's how it started: Woke up throughout the night last night because I couldn't get comfortable in the bed.  Then took the dogs on a walk, got ready, fed them and put them in their kennels and drove to work.  At work, we had a…


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Staying Busy

I've stayed busy all day and it has kept me from thinking about my hubby being gone again.  Only two weeks this time though!


I got up at 4:45 to get him to the airport.  Then I came back home and slept until 8:30 ish.  Then I got ready, took out the dogs, wrote lesson plans, and did the dishes/cleaned the kitchen.  Met a friend at 11am for errand-running, lunch-eating, hanging-out time.  Then I started grading, realized I still needed to go to the grocery store for the week…


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Last Day

Today is my last day with the hubby--he leaves tomorrow morning for another two weeks of training.  This whole being gone thing doesn't get any easier.  :(


I had a good day yesterday, minus having a cheer parent calling me at all times of the night.  And I've already talked to her twice this morning.  What?!?  This is why I hate the coaching part of my job.  I just want to quit after this year.  I do not find any enjoyment or fulfillment from it, minus the fact that it helps…


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November is Here

It might snow tonight--can't believe it.  As I was driving home, I noticed how all the trees have lost their leaves.  Wasn't it only a few days ago (literally) that I went to the lake to look at the fall leaves?  They seem to all have fallen off at once.


Yesterday was a very icky day for me, but today was good.  Really good.  I woke up, walked the dogs, got ready for work, felt good in my outfit.  How is it that cute clothes can make us feel good?  Worked hard all day--the…


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