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Brandy's Blog – September 2010 Archive (11)

Crazy Day

I had to break up a near fight in my room today. Fun times. Anyway, I decided I needed a can of Diet Coke for my ride home. Silly, but it was just what I needed to get me through the long ride home without falling asleep. I get so tired around 4pm, it's ridiculous.

I'm excited about dinner, though. I'm adapting a crock pot recipe. I'm baking some chicken with a jar of salsa. When it cooks up, I'm shredding the chicken and mixing it in with the salsa, a can of black beans, and some… Continue

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I thought I was hungry when I got home from work. I'd just eaten an apple, though. I rummaged through my fridge, riffled through my pantry, and couldn't find a single thing I wanted to eat. Guess what? I probably wasn't hungry. I sometimes only think I'm hungry. So frustrating. But at least I didn't eat something anyway, thinking, "Well, I'm hungry so I'll eat something." I figure, if nothing looks good to me, then I can't be THAT hungry!

I really want a massage. I have a coupon for… Continue

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Quick Post

Why are Mondays so stressful? Maybe it's because I enjoy my weekends so much. hehe! I've been trying to stay positive. Especially since morale is really low at work right now. I'm trying to think of something fun to do/buy/make for some of my co-workers that would be non-food related. Have you noticed that food is probably the most shared experience at work? I want to find something that would be quick, easy, but fun and make people smile. It makes me sad to see such motivated, talented, happy… Continue

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Big Decisions

To begin, Homecoming went well. Although I didn't know what I was doing, it (mostly) didn't show. Everything went off without a hitch. I had to chaperone the dance, so didn't get home Friday until 1:30 in the morning (so, technically, I came home Saturday). I would have been home earlier since the dance ended at midnight, but a truck exploded on the highway about three cars in front of me, so we waited a long time for everything to be taken care of. No one was hurt. Not sure how it happened,… Continue

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Homecoming Week

This week is Homecoming Week. Normally, this means craziness. This year, it's craziness + vast amounts of stress. Less than a week before, I was asked to be in charge of the Homecoming candidates. SO....I have had a lot to do in preparation for Homecoming. On top of my normal, four-prep job with committees and being a cheer coach (thankfully that doesn't start for two more weeks). I haven't had time to post because I've been trying to keep my head above water. I've been doing all this, plus… Continue

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Back to....Something

I'm at a loss. Not a loss on the scale, that's for sure. That has stayed the same. Unfortunately, my pants seem to be getting a little tighter. So, I'm thinking I need to do something. Count points. Or calories. Or something.... And that's where I'm stuck.

I've done the counting out, the weighing, and it worked for a while, but then I get obsessed about it and all I think about, worry about, spend my free time doing is FOOD. If I'm not eating it, I'm planning to eat it, or looking up… Continue

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It's Getting a Little Confrontational in Here

Aahhh...I love it when I stand up for myself. It has happened twice this week. It makes me feel good because I'm doing something for ME and it makes me feel empowered. I CAN make a change. I CAN protect myself. I will tell you about both times.

The first time was at work. As a teacher, my principal does walk-throughs randomly. He will come in with his laptop, sit in my class, and observe what I'm doing. He has a checklist of things he looks for and then he sends me the information… Continue

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Poor Puppy

I've been stressing a little bit because my puppy has been losing hair and itching a lot. The vet at first thought it was allergies. Come to find out, he had mites (mange) and it is now so bad that it caused two other infections, a bacterial one and a yeast one. So now, after $150, my dog has two pills, one liquid medication, and a medicated bath. UGH.

I've also been trying to keep up with the grading. Oh, the life of an English teacher. I didn't plan this out well and I have an… Continue

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A Moment to Myself

I needed a moment to myself before I go straight into work after coming home guessed it, work. So in that much needed break, the first thing I thought was, I will post really quickly on my blog. Even in my "me time" I have to be doing something!

I woke up at the awful time of 5 am to walk the dogs, then I got ready for work. I took my time this morning and I was out the door by 6am. If I want to straighten my hair, I will have to work more quickly…

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Weekend Update

Friday I went to the home football game--I stayed until just after halftime and then I left because it was actually too cold for me! I had mexican that night with friends--two beef crunchy tacos and some queso dip with chips.

Saturday, the hubby and I had friends over to watch the football game (MU vs. Illinois). We're Tigers fans around here. I had some buffalo chicken dip and some jalepeno popper dip for lunch and dinner. Not healthy. But I still lost three pounds this weekend.… Continue

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Respect, Randomness, and a Whole Chicken

I really had to hit home to my juniors/seniors in one of my classes today that I won't tolerate disrespect in my classroom. They've just been really mean to each other. Not even so much fighting or bullying, just kind of sarcastic and stupid, but enough to hurt each others' feelings. So I said enough was enough and gave them a "dignity, community, respect" speech. Who knows if it worked, but the problems stopped for today.

My feet/legs are still sore from standing all day. I wonder… Continue

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