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In The Moment

I am challenging myself to live in the moment. I'm such a planner--I think ahead all day long. I need to start living in the moment, take things one step at a time, and let in some spontaneity. I think it will help my teaching. I think it will help my friendships. I think it will help my well-being. If I live in the moment, I only eat when I'm really hungry, I allow myself to taste my food, I allow myself to feel my emotions, I live for the here and now. sounds so…


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A Vent-i Post (or I REALLY need some support right now)

My take at a pun--this is long and a venting session. But I need to vent. My hubby even said, there's seconds in the kitchen a few minutes ago and I decided, nope. Not going to do the food. I can be upset and blog instead of being upset and eating. So here goes...

I got on Facebook today to find that someone had added me as a friend. This someone had a familiar last name but it wasn't anyone I'm familiar with. So I added her. I figured I could look at the profile and figure…

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Last Night's Attack

You may assume by my title that I was referring to an attack of the munchies. I wish. I had an IBS attack last night. For those of you unfamiliar with IBS (they really have to come up with a better name than Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For one, it's gross. Also, 'irritable' just doesn't cover the excruciating pain), it means that my intestine muscles don't know when to stop. It causes extreme pain. I liken it to two things, neither of which I've actually experienced: 1) It feels like there is a… Continue

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First Day of Spring: Snow

I opened up my blinds this morning to see not only some accumulation on the ground, but it's still coming down! I wouldn't be so disappointed if it hadn't been nearly 70 degrees out yesterday. I just got used to wearing short sleeves and capris and flip flops. Now it's getting taken away. AND I already put away my winter coat. I was soooo done with winter!

Yesterday the husband talked me into ordering Papa Murphy's (take and bake pizza). I should really put my foot down…

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Kicking the Urge

I'm kicking the urge to sit on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and do nothing. This is my "spring break" right now and I need to go out and enjoy it! (My spring break is getting today off. That's it. I know, it sucks.) I've already cleaned up the mess of a living room--what I get for hardly being home and the hubby being in charge of the mail. I swear, how in the world does it end up covering the entire coffee table AND the computer desk? Why is he not capable of throwing it… Continue

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Need Snack Ideas

I'm tired of all my old go-to snacks and I need to rack my brain for some other options so that I don't come up with crazy, not-healthy concoctions. For instance, today the plan was to eat some applesauce as a snack. I'm tired of applesauce. So I ate 3 girl scout cookies instead. Why we even have girl scout cookies is beyond me. But anyway, applesauce, bananas, carrots, broccoli, sf pudding, yogurt, string cheese....they are all old to me. I need to get creative.

Here are…

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One Less Hour Today

Boy, could I have used that extra hour today! Whew! I'm truckin' through all the stuff I need to get done today. At least I'm at the point to where, if the other stuff doesn't get done, I'll be stressed later but it won't be the end of the world. I don't know how some teachers always have a free weekend. When do they find the time to do things? While I didn't work on anything yesterday, today I had to write lesson plans, upload them to the blog, and I'm about to grade 60 essay tests (at 3… Continue

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I've been so super crazy busy that I haven't even posted for what, a week? Goodness! Here's what's been happening this week: Got my contract for next school year (yay!), worked late planning my last two units with another teacher, worked on an online EOC practice test Friday, was in a dodgeball tournament (schoolwide) on Thursday night, and trying to plan out this summer, including going to Florida (maybe) and moving to our new townhome.

With all that, I did not plan my…

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Back At Work

The last two weeks, I taught a total of four full days. It was so nice to be back in the classroom today (even though Mondays are only half days). It was great to get my students back on track. I had them write me letters telling me what they learned while I was gone, what they were still confused about, and then any comments they had for me. It was funny because so many of them said they hoped I wouldn't have to leave any more! Nothing like a little ego boost to make you feel… Continue

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Plan For My Day (Off)

I have the day off because I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Also, I was at the basketball games last night and didn't get home until nearly midnight. So it was nice to get some sleep. Although I did get a call this morning from my principal because the sub could not find the lesson plans (which were sitting paperclipped on my desk. Ugh.)

I am making a plan now for my day because I know if I don't make a plan, I will literally sit on the couch, watching tv and…

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Stress and Cookies

This story might be a bit annoying to those chipper people who never let anything bother them. I'm not one of those people and this is one of those annoying stories.

I got to work today to find out the bus for the cheerleaders is leaving at 12:30 tomorrow. That meant I would be missing two of my classes. I went to the office, figuring I would be responsible and ask who was taking care of the subs for the coaches. I found out that I was responsible for finding teachers to…

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I had a massive headache last night and one started to come on this afternoon. Advil and Excedrin seem to be keeping it at bay, but I wonder what the root cause is. I think it's either lack of sleep, lack of water, or sugar withdrawal. Might be all three. I know I can up my water intake and try to get some sleep tonight, but if it's the sugar, I'll just have to go through withdrawals for a few days until my body gets used to my food--like I said, the conference did a number on… Continue

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