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Brandy's Blog – February 2012 Archive (9)

Big Dinner

I ate out with hubby for dinner and I should have been good with just the salad bar, but that's not what I did.  Oh well.  One meal and I ordered all right.  

I had a great meeting with my boss this morning about our data collection process and it was just really nice to have a good discussion and have him understand what I wanted to say.  I have my evaluation tomorrow and I really hope it's solid and goes well.

I need to write my lesson plans for my substitute…


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Wait, what?

I stayed on plan today.  Yep, that's right.  You heard me.  And I did so yesterday too.  I think having a little less stress in my life in terms of work is enough to give me time to plan and THINK before I eat.

I have my evaluation on Wednesday and I'm hoping it goes well.  Thursday and Friday are conference time--I love love love this conference and am getting so excited to go again!  Now just to write the sub plans and make all the copies.  Anyone else think of that SNL skit…


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Sunday Plans

Still sick, but doing better--I didn't need any medication last night.  And my voice is kinda back--it comes and goes.  I need to plan out my day today so that I can stay on track.

My plan is to write lesson plans (2 days of subs next week since I have a conference to go to), grading, and going grocery shopping.

Here's the meal plan for today:

B: greek yogurt

L: Texas Roadhouse for lunch--hubby's choice.  …


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Sunny Saturday

It's gorgeous outside with the sun out.  But it's cold so I'm staying in.  Especially since I still have the cold from hell: stuffy nose, headache, rattling cough, and I've had no voice the last three days.  But it's slowly getting better!

I cleaned the house up today, went to the mall to get my niece's birthday present and mail it off, and now I'm back home relaxing until dinner time.  Hubby went to watch a basketball game on tv with some friends so I'm left to my own…


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Sick on the Weekend

I don't know what's worse: Being sick on a long weekend that you were looking forward to, or being sick during the work week and having to go to work anyway.  I'm over the stomach bug and now I'm just left with this cold: coughing, runny nose, sore throat.  Yay.  At least some things got done this weekend:

1.  We signed a contract on the house!!!  We are going to be homeowners!  We close in July (since we have a lease on our current place until then).  I'm so excited.  We are…


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Flu Bug

Ugh, I'm sick.  I caught some sort of flu bug, I think.  I couldn't sleep last night until I took Tylenol Cold and now this morning I also have some sort of stomach bug.  I have tomorrow off so I'm hoping this thing runs its course before Tuesday.

All my plans for yesterday went out the window.  Hubby's family came into town and wanted to eat lunch.  This ended up being an all-afternoon activity.  I didn't eat dinner last night because lunch was so filling and I wasn't hungry.…


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New House, New Eats, Etc.

I have been so busy that counting hasn't been working.  I mean, it works, it's just not feasible for me right at this moment.  It requires a lot of time to plan and figure things out and I don't have it.  I have one more week of coaching, then the next week is a conference (I'm presenting) and THEN things should slow down.  We're putting a contract on the house on Monday!!  Things are moving right along.

I've been trying to get a routine going that will work for me in…


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Working Weekend

I have been MIA and will be for a little while longer.  I wish I had more time to jot things down, but this is the busiest part of my year and hopefully after three more weeks, things will slow down.  I got through Courtwarming and then Pink Out.  Now this week includes two senior nights, grade reporting, and prep for a conference in two and a half weeks.

I had training all day yesterday (left the house at 6am, got back around 7pm) and today I met with my co-presenter about…


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Did Not Use Food

Friday was probably the most stressful day I've had all year.  Being in charge of the cheerleaders, the homecoming candidates, and the entire pep rally is too much on Homecoming.  But it's over and I can now relax until Monday.  I had some issues with possible ballot tampering, a yelling cheerleader, and a few small snafus, but Homecoming happened and it went off just fine.  AND, with all the stress, I did not resort to food.  I ate half of my dinner that night, had a soda to keep me awake…


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