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Need to Detox

I had a fantastic time at the conference Thursday through Saturday. It was energizing, and helpful, and I learned so much. ....but I ate horrendously. They fed us most of our meals and I did load my plate with mostly fruit and/or veggies, but I know they cooked everything in oil and/or butter. I didn't even try to count while I was there, but I woke up today just feeling nauseous and awful. It was like I had a hangover. A food hangover.

So today I'm starting fresh. I'm…

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Dollop of Sunshine

That's my new nickname at work. I kinda like it! I think it fits.

Today was a whirlwind. Since we didn't have school yesterday, it was a bit of a zoo. And I'm trying to fit everything in so that the subs don't have too much of a problem Thursday and Friday when I'm gone.

I ate much more in moderation today than I did yesterday. Sitting on the couch is a definite trigger for me. Not having a specific job to do is a trigger for me. Being bored is a…

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No Way: A Day Off!

I got a call last night saying school was cancelled so now I have a day off! I'm super excited because it gives me time to write my substitute lesson plans and plan my points for the week. I'm going out of town Thursday morning for a conference and won't be back until Sunday evening, so I need to get things ready for the two work days I'll be gone. With no school today, that kind of messes up my lesson plans.

My plan is to get on the darn elliptical today. For nearly three…

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The Rain Is Not An Excuse

I was about to write a post about how I don't want to do anything because of the yucky rain outside. Which is true, but it's just an excuse. The rain should not affect whether or not I clean the apt. or go grocery shopping or plan my meals. So now I need to repeat to myself that the rain is not an excuse.

Last night the hubby and I splurged a little and ate chinese food. I love steamed dumplings, so that's what I ate. My goal this week is to eat more veggies at dinner. They should be… Continue

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Busy Weekend

I weighed in this morning and am back down again. I don't know what happened for a week or so, but things are heading back in the right direction.

I had writing group this morning at Panera, have come home for a quick lunch, and now I need to leave to head up to the school because I promised I would judge at the school debate competition. The debate teacher got in a terrible accident last weekend and is going through extensive surgeries and they really really need the help.…

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Fun Day: Pink Out

Today was Pink Out at school; everyone was supposed to wear pink for breast cancer awareness. I went all out with a pink sweater and a pink bow in my hair. I used to never wear bows in my hair. Then I became a cheer coach....

Anyway, both our girls' and our boys' basketball teams are Conference Champs, so we're excited going into Districts next week!

I have the night off from coaching, but I have a game tomorrow. After some drama with the team two days ago, I'm excited… Continue

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Lost Without You Guys

I'm not sure if it was just me, but for some reason I could not get onto BTL the entire weekend. It's been awful! I had things I wanted to share and I couldn't because the site was down.

I had a fantastic Valentine's Day! It started Saturday morning. The hubby took me out to breakfast (where I ordered off the children's menu--smaller portion sizes--and only ate half!), then off to look at furniture that we'll be buying when we move in August. We found a couch, a dining room…

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No school today so I've spent the day relaxing, grading, and hanging out with my puppy. The snow came down significantly last night and with the low temps, all the melted snow is now frozen. It's not too bad out now, but I have to drive to a basketball game tonight and I'm a little worried about the drive home. The snow causes a lot of anxiety now!

Last night, I was hungry. No other word for it. I ate 9 points over my goal. Part of that was because of the cake crumbles I…

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I Was Hoping For a Snow Day...

It didn't happen. I had to drive 40-45 on the highway the whole way to work. It was crazy! Every other school within a fifty mile radius was out today. Don't understand the logic, but oh well.

I stayed on plan today until I got home from work and I was hungry and there was cake right in front of me. I had made a cake for one of my classes as a treat and there was some left over that I couldn't give away so I brought it home for the hubby and it was sitting there and there were pieces… Continue

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Scale Confusion

I may need a new scale. I got on it this morning and it said....(Dun dun dun...) that I had gained a pound. Now there is no way that I gained a pound in one week when I was on plan. So I tried again. It said I was the same weight as last week (196.7). So I tried it again: up a pound. And again: same weight as last week. So I gave up. It is obviously inconsistent. I asked the hubby what he thought I should do. His answer: "Forget about it and just try again tomorrow." I'm upset because I wanted… Continue

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A Miracle, Or How I Nearly Died

Despite the forecast and the fact that the ground was slushy and giant snowflakes were falling and were supposed to fall all day, school was not cancelled yesterday. My colleague and I carpool together, so at 6:20 we were on the highway ready to do battle with the road. The road nearly won. About halfway to the school (which is more than half an hour away from where we live), the slush must have frozen to ice. We started to slide on the road, so I slowly pumped the brakes. That only made things… Continue

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Super Quick Post

About to go to bed. Long day at work today (just got home) and I have to be at work until past midnight tomorrow. So got to go to bed!

Here's my log for today:
Breakfast: heated it up, but never got a chance to eat it. boo.
Snack: orange (1)
Lunch: sandwich (4) cheese stick (2) pudding (1)
Dinner: veggie burger w/cheese (6), some baked chips (2) and 4 cookies (I think) (8)
TOTAL: 24 Under by 3 points.

Will post Saturday when I finally wake up!

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Dressing Up and Working Hard

Yesterday was Cowboys and Indians Day. I wore a brown dress with brown tights and brown moccassin-type shoes, some Native American jewelry, put my hair in two plaits and then wrapped some leather cords around each. My boss said I looked like Pocahontas! HA. I did have a student tell me I looked "real good." That's always awkward. There's no way to respond to that without either sounding like a perv or being rude. So I pretended I didn't hear it. HA.

I had a late night yesterday… Continue

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Nerd Day

This week is Court Warming week at school and today was Nerd Day. That meant I dressed in a plaid skirt, a black turtleneck, a corduroy jacket that matched the skirt, knee-highs (in the same color) and black saddle shoes. I pulled my hair in a bun and pulled the skirt up to my chest. I *thought* I looked like a nerd, but I had a couple of students ask me why I didn't dress up today. UGH. I really hope I don't look that dorky to them all the time!

I stayed late at school coaching the… Continue

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