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Mission Check

I wrote this post a month ago and listed my mission and goals and steps to get there:

My Mission: live a healthy, happy life.  Easy peasy right?!?  LOL.  But that IS my mission.

GOALS: Lose fifty pounds.  Run a marathon (why not?).  

MILESTONES/TASKS: Run 8 5ks this year (this was one I set for myself earlier this year, and I'm close!).  I will…


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Making the Most of It

My hubby had to leave for another business trip.  Who knows how long he'll be gone (one month?  six?)  So I'm trying to make the most of it.  I go back to work on Monday so I'm spending this weekend prepping to head back.  

I've cleaned the house, organized the office, and I'm gathering things to begin a garage sale.  GAH.

I've even planned out all my meals for next week so I can get in the groove of waking up early and making my lunch box, etc.  UGH.  I hate…


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Sometimes You Have to Listen

I've had to listen to my body lately.  Running just isn't happening.  My GERD acts up and I will vomit if I do it.  And vomiting is SOOOO not worth it to me.  I'm going to try running at about 3 or 4 tomorrow.  Here's why:  Once school starts back I will have to wake up before 6am to get in a workout before getting ready for school.  I can do that for weights.  But if I wake up early to run, I have to do so on an empty stomach.  Not good for my GERD.  It makes me vomit.  But by 3 or 4 I will…


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I Can Do It

I am so excited right now that I had to log on immediately and share with everyone.  I picked up weights again about a month ago and started doing a circuit I'd gotten out of one of my Shape magazines.  It's a really tough little workout and each set ends with TEN of these push up rows:…


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Took a Rest Day

I decided maybe my body just needed a rest day because of the amount of exercise I've put it through.  I must have been right.  I stepped on the scale and had lost a pound.  So yeah.  

It also helps that I planned all my meals, calculating calories for the week, and have stuck to my plan (for the most part) as well as sticking to my exercise plan.  Well, except for taking the rest day yesterday instead of running.

I only have next week to get myself into my…


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Planning, Tracking, Counting

While I hate the time suck that is counting and tracking my calories, exercise, and meal plans, it is really the only thing I have found to consistently work for me.  So I'd better get it down to a habit before school starts up again!

I went on a run again today and again it SUCKED.  I'm not sure if I'm trying to do too much too fast or if my body needs more rest in between runs, or if adding weights has thrown me is times like these that I wish I had an exercise…


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Sunday and Monday Check In

Sunday was a rest day for me exercise-wise.  I think my body was ready for it!  I got two more boxes of school handouts cleaned out and organized.  Woohoo!  Now I only have two more.  It's slowly getting cleaned out!!  I stayed within my meal plan and wrote everything down today.  Why oh why do I not do this all the time?  I know it works for me, but I stop doing it because of the time it takes to look everything up and write it all down.  Yet, I have time to get on Pinterest?  Seriously?…


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Discouraged But Not Giving Up

Just got back from my run and I suuuuuucked.  Yes, it deserved that many u's.  Ugh.  Hubby came with me and I told him to stop staying right next to me because he was "throwing off my groove" (if you knew that came from Emperor's New Groove, then you are a soul sister).  So he FLEW by and beat me home by a good 7-10 minutes.  I didn't have a watch on so I'm not sure exactly how much faster he was.  And to top it off, my achilles was killing me, so I ended up walking more than I wanted.  You…


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Walking, Running, Living

I haven't posted in a few days.  Sorry about that.  There's just not that much to report.  I went on a walk on Monday and then did some weights.  Yesterday I went running for 2 miles and then did a lot of organizing of school stuff.  Today I went on a one-hour walk with friends and later I'm going to do weights.  Also, I will finish going through all of my old handouts, books, and other accumulated crap from school.  Seriously, how do I have this much junk?  I've only taught for five years!…


Added by Brandy on July 24, 2013 at 10:44am — 2 Comments

A Walk and Some Weights

I woke up kinda early this morning so I could go on a walk with one of my friends.  Hubby made me breakfast before my walk--wasn't that sweet??

After my walk, hubby and I went to town since he had to drop something off for work.  We went to lunch at a pretty awesome Mexican restaurant (where I only ate half of my meal!).  I got some work done on the computer and then I did some weights (what Angie would call floor work) and now I'm going to throw some leftovers together for…


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Waking Up Early

This is so weird, but it seems that waking up EARLY seems to be doing the trick for me.  I'm not feeling as bad.  Yesterday I had to be up at 5am to take my hubby to the airport.  Today the dogs got me up at 6am to go out, and while I went back to bed, I was up by 7am.  Now, I don't know if it's literally the getting up early part that my body is liking, or if it's the "school routine, oh yay" part.  Either way, I'll take it.

I've got breakfast cookies in the oven right now…


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I Like Dress Up

As much as I used to be a tomboy, I'm so much a girlie-girl now.  I love shopping, trying on new outfits, and learning my style.  The past two years have been pivotal to me learning to love myself and I think this blog I started is a testament to that.  I DO NOT look like a runway model.  I may not look as cute as the other fashion bloggers out there.  But I decided to do this for me because I decided I really do like myself LOL

Please please please come check out my blog, and…


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Pulling Up the Big Girl Panties

Yes, I still feel like crap.  Yes, I still felt exhausted this morning.  But after dropping my hubby off at the airport--he got sent to Canada for work for three days--I went on a run.  Was it hot and horribly humid?  It IS the midwest.  Did I have to walk just about as much as I ran?  Man, I really need to get back into running!  Did I feel nausea about halfway through?  Darn the stupid GERD.  But I did it.  I pulled up my big girl panties and did it.  

And I feel awesome for…


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How to Fight the Exhaustion

One of the things I complained to my doctor about was feeling completely exhausted for the past four months.  Not your typical "I'm feeling a little tired" but your out-and-out "If I sit down I may just zonk out even though I had 12 hours of sleep last night".  When the doctor said my iron was a little on the low side I figured that must be it.  Now, I haven't had enough time to really get my iron levels up, but today hit me like a ton of bricks.  I cried this morning to my husband as I was…


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Doing A Little Better

I'm a little better today. Or, I guess you could say a lot better but not 100%. My stomach is so SORE! I'm thankful I have been up and around all day today with only mild cramping. I'm even pondering going for a walk/run in about an hour if the stomach cooperates!

Today, I've kept pretty busy. I worked on some lesson plans/curriculum for my school. I only have one more set of lessons to write--20 more lessons! Woohoo! I also went to Walmart to pick up my birthday purchase: a fabric…


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Serious Pain

I didn't sleep much last night.  I had such bad cramps I thought I was going to get sick.  I was awake, curled into a ball, whimpering.  It was awful.  Fast forward to this morning, I felt okay enough to get up and get ready.  Hubby and I had to take the dogs to the vet.  I even ate an egg for breakfast.  Then, while we are at the vet, I all of a sudden felt really hot and nauseated again.  I had to sit in the car.  

Now I'm curled in a ball again on my bed as I type.  I've…


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College Visit

Hubby and I went on a little day trip to visit the old college today.  It was fun walking around, but most of the buildings were closed due to it being summer.  It was HOT!  

Feeling a lot better today about things.  Thanks everyone for the thoughts.  I needed your good vibes!  

Lifted weights today and going to do another set tonight.  

For all my teacher friends out there, I started a teacher blog and I would love it if you'd check it out:…


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A Run Won't Fix It, But It Puts Everything in Perspective

I'm having some family issues right now and I'm not ready/willing to share those issues, but I will say that the issues have brought up some of my own emotional baggage and I'm really struggling with it.

Last night, I ate a giant bowl of strawberries and bananas.  Yep, you read that right.  Now I did squirt a little whipped cream and some of my homemade chocolate sauce on it, but it wasn't ice cream or cake or candy.  So I'm proud of that.

Also, I went running…


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Stupid Hormones

I was in a bad mood all day yesterday.  My hormones are out of whack due to TOM and I was just feeling icky yesterday and wanted to cry for no reason and was angry at the world.  Today is better.  

I've been trying to snack on iron-rich foods.  Hoping that after a week or so I can start to feel less tired and blah.  That's kinda how I've been feeling for five months or so.

I have a dentist appt today, so I have to make this short.  Hope everyone has a great…


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Dr Visit and Swimming

Woke up this morning and went running...with the hubby!  I was so proud of him for getting out there with me.  Towards the end my calf was starting to get painful, so we walked the last part, but it was awesome.  

Then we went to town to get the oil changed in the car, had a picnic lunch at the lake that is across the street from my dr's office (I brought a tasty picnic lunch from home for us!), then had my follow-up appointment with the doctor.  She upped my Prilosec, but did…


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