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Happy Summer, back to tracking and working out :-)

I've been off school for a whole month now and it has been glorious. I started back on my eating templates June 12 and have lost a few lb's since then! Looking forward to more pounds off and to reaching my goals in a healthy way. School starts up in a month or so and I am looking forward to some big changes next year, I'm going from full time to part time which should free up enough time for me to have dedicated gym time and self care time. For the last three years, I have been so busy with…


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Follow me on instagram :-)

I'm so busy right now with life that I am going to be primarily using my IG page as a place to check in. I would love more followers! My IG name is ali_gettingfit and you can also find me on WW connect as ali140

Hope to see some of you there! 

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9/7/16 planned meals

 Today went very well if I might say so ;-)

I woke up to my alarm at 4:30 as planned, quickly changed into my workout clothes, downed a quick cup of coffee and off I went to the gym. The workout was fun and I came home in a good mood, ready for the day. It seems like the days I spend time on something good for me in the morning end the best way. I ate on plan, stuck to my calorie requirement under 1500, and drank some water before heading to bed before 9. Tomorrow will be…


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tomorrow 9/6/16

Tomorrow is day 1 of WW Simply Filling. . I have my meals planned and am going to work out at 5am. looking forward to a great Tuesday!

weight: tbd (need to wi)


eggs and orowheat with coffee and 4tb half and half (4pts)

lunch is green chili pork loin with rice

snacks are 2 dannon light and fit greek yogurts with 2 apples

dinner is curried chicken and rice with veggies

before bed snack if needed is air popped…


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Happy Labor Day!

We are camping for the weeknd and I am loving the downtime! Been making somewhat healthy eating choices but camping is hard to stay perfect. I'm hoping to check in a few times a week and give/get some support on our journeys. This week should be good since we have Monday off and I am feeling motivated! Off to walk the dog!

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Great book, building healthy habits again!

I recently downloaded a wonderful book written by Lysa Terkurst called "Made to Crave". It has been wonderful for me because she has experienced a lot of the same struggles I have experienced, and describes how she was able to overcome her habit of using food to cope with life and instead, use prayer and exercise to build healthy habits . I feel so motivated after I read books like this, and I am excited to work back towards my own healthy habits of food journaling, exercising regularly, and…


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Daily food/exercise journal

Last night I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold. Woke up with a full head cold and I feel so wiped out! Needless to say, I did not work out today. I have been able to stick to healthy food choices, however. Here is my food journal!

Breakfast: coffee w/1% milk and a splash of creamer, starbucks iced coffee with half and half

Lunch: 3 eggs and a sandwich thin

Dinner: spinach salad with 4oz grilled chicken breast, .5 oz raw pumpkin…


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Daily food/exercise journal

Today is the middle of the 3rd week I have been focused on reaching my personal fitness goals. I havent felt this good in years! Daily workouts and healthy eating are energizing me and I feel good in my soul and my body. I am going to be updating my blog daily with meals and workouts!

Today was pancake day for the kids at our home and I ended up eating 3 while I was cooking and had a 4th for a snack. I did yardwork out back for 2 hours and burned it off though, which is why I…


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Back and on WW Online :-)

I have been pushing myself off to the back burner since, well, the fall, and I have decided (along with the help of my therapist) that I need to do more things for myself, that give me joy. One thing I get a lot of joy from is taking care of myself- and exercising and eating well impact my self image in a big way. I have been following another mom on instagram who joined WW online in early January and has lost 20lbs. Well this is a huge motivator for me and when I found out she was using WW…


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Staying focused on the big picture

The last few months I have been yo-yo ing back and forth from extreme calorie deficits and lots of working out to eating junk and feeling self pity. I have been frustrated at why I am having a hard time focusing the same way I have in the past, when I had so much success losing weight before and the same program just isn't working for me the same way as it did in the past. I am searching for a plan of action that will work for my life and a way to fit in activity when I can. I am realizing…


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Getting back to work after wedding/vacation

This week has been so busy for me! My sister got married on Oct.5, and I spent the week beforehand juggling family in town with 3 kids fighting a nasty stomach virus. It was really so stressful- my other sister was in town with her toddler, and I made the 45 minute one way drive to my mom's every day for 5 days in a row- leaving my sick kids with my hubby at home while I attended the rehearsal and dinner, then a family bbq, which my middle son got sick the day of (I had to drive him  all the…


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Struggling with feelings of deprivation

Last night hubby and I got another date night. That means 2 in a row, and we went for sushi this time. We rarely get to do date nights, so this was kind of a big deal. He has been working so much overtime lately and was in the mood to splurge. I was happy to go along with him :-) We ordered our old standby rolls, 2 of which were the tempura type. He wanted calamari again (can you see a pattern?) and I was hungry after all my work yesterday so I agreed. I decided I would eat until I felt full…


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Restaurant learning experiences, snacking all day

Yesterday the hubby and I snuck out for a mini date night- he wanted to go to Claim Jumper's for beer and wings. I have been working so hard lately that I told him I was going to let it be a cheat meal, which I had a hard time doing  without guilt! I miraculously got over it ;-) and we got all our old favorites: calamari, wings, and shared a burger and fries- after all that food I was stuffed, he wanted to get dessert and I had no willpower so we shared a really rich chocolate baked dessert.…


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Bites, licks and tastes

Today was a pretty awesome day. Did some errands this morning, got time in with my daughter- we did the pottery painting thing and went to lunch. She loved it, I made good choices, we came home and I worked out for the 10th day In a row I think. I am doing Jillian's 30Day Shred and following it with another 30 minute DVD called cardio core. My abs are sore! Good feeling though. Dinner was my latest favorite salad with grilled chicken and those yummy yellow cherry tomatoes that are so tangy…


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Snack monster, weighing in early

I had a day of tests on my motivation yesterday. My daughter, who has asthma, came to me at 4am wheezing (this happens fairly often) and my mind goes into medical assessment mode when this happens- I have to check her to see how bad it is, go get her medication and make sure she takes it properly, then check her again after. Needless to say, my brain wakes up when this happens, and sometimes I can't go back to sleep. So yesterday I was going on a few hours less sleep than usual. These days…


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Life is beautiful

Last night I had the privilege of attending an informal dinner with a guest speaker, a woman who has done so much in life. She is now in her late 40's (I am just guessing), runs 2 miles per day, holds a Ph.D, is a professor at a college here in Phoenix, and homeschooled her 8 children. I know you may read the word 'homeschooling' and be instantly turned off- many generalizations can be made for and against the idea- we discussed the importance of being open to whatever God has planned…


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Keeping up the momentum!

Yesterday was the 8th day in a row of my working out, and it feels so good! My hamstrings are feeling really tight and sore from all the workouts, so I went to the gym and avoided the body works class, instead I walked at a high incline at a fairly fast pace. I had dinner 30 mins before I left so I thought running would not be a great idea ;-) It felt so good to sweat. My sweet hubby encouraged me to go, and I really needed a break from the kids and the house so it was wonderful. Yesterday…


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Sunday funday family hike!

This morning we all were up early, so we decided to do a family hike- it was so fun! Everyone had a great time, only one of the kids fell once, which is pretty good considering we have a 5,7, and 8 year old, and I am known for being a little bit clumsy. We came home, I made waffles for the kids, then we got ready in time for church. I love Sundays. We just had lunch- I had 4oz chicken breast (LOVE keeping precooked grilled chicken in the fridge) on a pile of spring mix from Costco and 2…


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Peaceful Saturday morning

Although I am home most of the time, I love weekends. The ability to let the kids watch cartoons and play a video game guilt free is so relaxing for me :-) During the week we have a 1 hour limit per day on tv/video game time. It is great for the family but makes the day a little louder and feel a little more chaotic. My husband is away on a guy's hiking trip and will come back Sunday, so the kids & I are just doing whatever we want at home (we don't have a reliable car right now). For…


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Exercise and mood!

Hi! I'm back and feeling good after being here and there for a while. I think I have finally settled into a good routine with our homeschool days and I have figured out how to get my time in to take care of me. For the last 5 days (and today will be day 6) I have done either a workout at home or a gym workout, and I feel awesome! It really helps me with my stress levels staying under control and just feeling better about myself. There is something just super cool about working up a great…


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