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Day 1- 227.5...feeling ready!

So that was my official weigh in this morning. I am a little pleased considering a couple of weeks ago I weighed in at 229! I started my morning out with a cup of granola and 1/2 cup milk=420 cal. for the granola and 55 cal. for the milk. I bought a bunch of cantelope at Costco the other day, so I am going to take a bunch of that to work. I am going to count 1500 cal a day, which was what I did last year to lose weight. My first goal is to lose 9.5#'s to get me back to where I was in April of… Continue

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My opportunity...

I have many goals in life. Some may seem small and insignifigant to some and silly to others. But they are MY goals and I have no problems telling anyone and everyone who wants to hear them. Maybe it is me getting older and being in my thirties that things just dont bother me anymore. When I was in my twenties I cared ALL about what other people thought of me and not enough about what I thought of unrealistic and twisted that is, right? I think Roni actually just posted a blog… Continue

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Snowed in!

So as of the last count I saw yesterday morning we were at 30 inches....and that was before it snowed all day and most of the night, I would imagine you could add another 6 inches to that number. I work 20 minutes away and hope I can make it on the freeway. School has been closed the last two days and most of the banks, stores and malls shut down as well. I think the wind drifts make it look like more snow because in some places it looks like there is 6 feet of snow! Not to mention it makes it… Continue

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The flat belly diet...anyone?

SO I ordered this book from prevention. And it seems like it would work, except for the "excercise optional" part. I think thats kinda stretchin' it. Here's what I've gathered:

1.) They say to eat 4- 400 cal. meals a day.

2.) Eat at least 1 "MUFA" (which I believe are healthy/natural fats) at each meal. Which would be nuts, avacado's, olive oil, dark chocolate etc.

3.) Be as stress free as you can, since stress makes cortisol which makes belly fat. (By the way this step… Continue

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WOW! When it rains, it pours....or trickles!! LOL

So waking up Sunday morning to 4 degree weather, not including the wind chill was fabulous....oh and then I went to get in the shower and a tiny little trickle came out. CRAP! So I checked the sink faucet.....and nothing. Yep, our pipes froze! Every single one of them in the house. What does that mean? No shower, no brusing your teeth with water, no washing dishes or flushing the toilets....NOTHING! We called the water company because we thought it was the main line that was frozen and he… Continue

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where to begin...

SO I have been MIA from my blogging which started when I got a computer virus, it took us a couple days to get rid of therefore I wasn't able to update my blog. Then somehow I injured my foot which started early in the year after starting at the gym. It never actually hurt, it was just more sore and uncomfortable after I would get done using the eliptical or something. Now that I have been at my new job for a few months and this job is standing on my feet for 8 hours it has progressed… Continue

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I really want this!!!

I entered the Mary Lou's Weigh Platform Giveaway!
Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

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Stupid computer!

I haven't been able to blog because of my stupid computer. For some reason we keep getting infected with a virus! JEEZ! Don't people have better things to do than create crap like that! Anyhoo I had a fabulous bday and had a great party with lots of yummy food! Unfortunatly I havne't been counting or journaling any of it! Ho-hum.....

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My first day off in 7 days!

Well, today I am going to enjoy myself since I FINALLY have a day off from work. SO I don't plan on being on the computer much, but I wanted to leave you with a couple blogs I regularly read.

They are from Matt and Suzy Hoover, who won the Biggest loser a few years ago. Since the show ended they have gotten married and had two sons, but there journey never ended. They have both gained a little bit of weight back, but I am intrigued by how their thinking has changed since before being… Continue

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I am on day 7 of straight working with no day off, yesterday got the best of me and I forgot to post...FRICK! So Saturday is my b-day....and my parents are throwing me a party, where there will me a ton of food I'm sure. I am off tomorrow and Saturday YAY! I'm so ready for a day off....hope everyone has a splendid day!

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WOW! Almost forgot to post!

Okay, people I just got done watching biggest loser and I am extremely dissapointed with the immature blue team! They really need to grow up! Especially Vicky and her ogre! And Heba too! I mean what in the world did poor Phil do that they haven't done? I really felt sorry for Amy and Phil. They are really genuine people and the blue team are rude, heartless, sore losers! I was SOOO happy to see kharma play a roll in who went home though!

Anyhoo, not such a good day with eating....not… Continue

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Day # 8 (I think)

So yesterday my computer got hit with a stupid virus, took us all day to get it off. So much for my daily blog reading! I did pretty well yesterday, except I didn't get lunch (not my decision). I ended up leaving work early cause it was slow and I didn't get a lunch becuase of that, so I ate at 9:30am and not again until 4pm! YIKES! But I am down another pound!! That is all I have for todays update...I know its not much.

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WWRD? (What Would Roni Do?)

So last night after work, I got home around 9:45pm, and the entire way home the little voices were trying to talk me into stopping somewhere....well, I didn't! It would have been very easy for me to stop for fast food and just give in. But after a great day of eating, why ruin that right! In the back of my mind I kept thinking...Roni wouldn't stop, roni would tell herself thats the easy way out and drive thats what I did! LOL.

Other than that I didn't get to taking my… Continue

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Day 6-

Where the frick did my yesterdays post go? I can see it under my profile, but not on my blog posts! Weird! Anyhoo, today is #6 of my 30 days of blogging. Today is the day I am starting fresh with eating right and I am going to take my measurements and a picture (YIKES). I wanted to post now, since I work late tonight, I might forget by the time I get home. I am not going to weigh myself, although I wish I could wait till the end of my 30 days to see what that number may be, I am too impatient… Continue

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Is this an obsession? Day #4 (

Today is actually day #4, I got a little ahead of myself in previous blogs....

I woke up a little on the freaked out side this morning. I have been reading Roni's blog for a long time now and love the blog to lose site, but last night I actually had a dream with Roni in it. She's consuming my days and nights now. LOL!

But I must get with the program and do something about the fact that I am no longer utilizing my gym membership. I started off the year sometimes going twice… Continue

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Sooo un-motivated...Day #3

I feel like the laziest person alive. I have a gym membership, haven't gone in months. I have healthy food in my house but lack the motivation to put all those pieces together. What is wrong with me?

Anyhow, I am off tomorrow and plan on having another lazy day. It is getting cold here in Idaho. And I am extremely ready and excited for Christmas......(wow, that comment was out of no where, right!) But I am ready for the Christmas music and everything.....I drove by a reader board the… Continue

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Day #2 of BLAH-ging!

Okay, lots going on today..lots of news and possibility of moving which I am really hoping for! My husband was layed off for the second time in two months and has been offered a possible position in Portland. I have been begging that man to move to Oregon for years! This may be the break we need. Anyhow I met with a girlfriend today for lunch and it was nice to sit and chat for an hour! I don't have much else to blog about other than the fact that I have been very bad with journaling and… Continue

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My 28 days of blogging commitment

Okay folks here it new approach to staying commited. Until the last day of the month I am going to try a new approach and a new technique. I found some awesome websites while surfing today and one mentioned how eating frequently keeps your metabolism going steady. I have heard this before but they added to that by suggesting one eat 150-200 every 2 hours along with plenty of water. This way you don't get super hungry and you don't get super full. And you're still getting enough… Continue

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So my weekend went south! I ate about a truckload of candy, taco time and the homemade version of Alice Springs chicken (If you've ever eaten at Outback you should know what I'm talking about!) I completely went overboard and I REALLY want to grab the liferaft!

I quess I'm just really having an off day.....except for the fact that I had a dream I was dating Vince Vaghn (WTF? I'm married!) But it was a nice dream!!

I am going to head downstairs and attempt to make a healthy… Continue

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So I did extremely well this week, I ate within reason all week, had no slip ups...until tonight that is. I ate half a ginormous burrito and had a dipped cone at dairy queen....NOT ganna dwell on it. After-all I told myself I would allow one slightly naughty meal every once in awhile....and I had it. I'm now moving on!

Not sure if anyone watches Dog the bounty hunter, but Beth has lost a ton of weight. I would love to know what she's doing! She looks great and its really motivating!… Continue

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