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Food journal for 07/06/11 and 08/06/11

So much for trying to eat well..Iam eating well but a few bits of junk does seem to figure..Iam not liking it however I hope recording everything I put into my mouth will finally help me cut the crap!






2 slices of seeded bread buttered

1 cup chai



1 MvVites Digestive biscuit

A handful of crsips (Which were fried :()



1 cup Tamarind Rice

Bottle guard…


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Back on track or back to track?

It's been a long last post was Nov in 2009 and then it had stopped and I had a good enough reason..I was pregnant with child number 2. I had a OK pregnancy (with a pre-term labour scare, regular  monitoring and one month of bed rest ) and delivered a beautiful baby boy at 35 weeks on July 1 2010. He is such a joy and gopig to turn 1 soon.


I have tried getting back on the excercise wagon since he was 5 months old..I did workout atleast 3 -4 times a week for 45 mins…


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Food journal - 09/11/2009

For lack of innovative titles that's what I am naming them..suffixed with date..very creative ( I know!)..


1 warm protein shake

1 peanut butter on brown bread sandwich

2 cashew nuts


1 cup pomogranetes


1 cup rice

1 cup of sauteed cabbage

2 spoons of bittergourd curry


Peanut,Onion,Chickpead salad


1 cup of broken wheat with carrot,beans and peas

1 cup… Continue

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Food journal - 04/11/2009

So I did'nt post for the past 3 days ..coz things were kinda hectic..I ran a 7K for the first time and it felt great..I completed it in 45 mins..I am totally proud of doing it inspite of many spoilers before the race..I will surely run the half marathon next year..
Food wise doing ok....Will start journalling tomorrow..

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Thurrsday journal

1 apple
1 probiotic milk

4 rotis
paneer + peas curry

1 sandwich

1 handful of peanuts


Around 1000 calories for the day

3 kms run
25 ab crunches
10 mins on the cycle

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Wednesday Journal

Today involved a bit of indulgence ..but then I was not following a strict diet so here goes


1 cup apple juice

1/2 an apple

1 kiwi fruit


1 cups rice


beans + peas vegetable

1 cup buttermilk


1 probiotic milk

1 coffee pastry

1/2 vegetable bun


1/2 cup maggi


1 cup upma

So quite a bit of food there.

totals to 1300… Continue

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Tuesday Journal

I keep a fast on tuesdays where I am required to eat no salt. I can eat anything else though.


1 cup of pro-biotic strawberry milk ( i know its 71 kcal)

3 pieces fruit cake (around 300 kcal)


1 cup rice

1 cup greens


1 handful of peanuts

4 cashenuts


1 banana milk shake (w/o sugar)

1/2 cup wheat porridge


20 mins on the treadmill

10 mins on the… Continue

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A journey to a healthier me!

Hi Iam Anitha - I am thirty year old full time working mom. My baby will turn 2 in January and I plan to start trying again for another. I want to be at a healthy weight before I begin this process.

I eat fairly ok except for some occassional binges and work out moderately in the gym for 5 days a week. Iam a vegetarian too.

So I want to record my food intake - or rather have this as a food journal and track how much I actually eat.

Iam really inspired by Roni and want… Continue

Added by Anitha on October 26, 2009 at 10:00am — 2 Comments




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