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Easter Keester

Happy Easter everybody. What a fantastic way to celebrate the coming of spring and the “new me”. I think everybody should celebrate the “New Me”….because here we are posting our little hearts out trying to be better people, more healthy, more happy and more inspired than we have ever been. So I am celebrating the “New Me”.

March 21st also marks the Spring Solctice. In our tradition, March 21st is our New Year, and for the first time, I am SO grateful for this year and all it has to… Continue

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Astronomical Gastronomical Issues

Ok, for everyone that has been following along, I have had some gastronomic issues. So last night I took Magnesium Citrate. Wow, that is dynamite stuff. No loss today but I am happy to get rid of my issues. So that is the celebration from the weekend. On the downside, now I have to be really careful as to what I eat to make sure I am getting enough fibre in my diet. I am going to start on the metamucil today or tomorrow again. I just need to get my H2O up a little bit. Today I am going to try… Continue

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The satisfaction of poop pt 2

Thank you for all the suggestions. I am going to go out today and start with some metamucil caplets. It is probably going to be the best thing for me….last night was a disaster. My stomach hurt sooooooooo badly. I took another two senekot and did some reading online. I think the metamucil caplets will be great help. Well at least I hope they will.

On the boyfriend situation: Wow, we both have a lot of work to do as far as our relationship goes. He dosen’t like the fact that I am… Continue

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Oy Oy Oy!

Ok, so I guess I should be really greatful. My last weeks loss was about 3.2 lbs. I would have liked to see more, but I still have one more Weigh In on Monday to count it for a week. We shall see what Monday Brings. This weekend is going to be a good one. I can feel it. Tonight I am going to make a nice big salad and play some Wii!!! I am very excited!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. :)

Oh yeah, the boyfriend situation: Just to keep those reading my blog updated,… Continue

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Start of Biggest Loser Contest

**Another Pre-Weight Watchen blog from my other site!**

Ok! Well, I found a Biggest Loser Contest Blog thing that some people are doing and it inspired me to create a Biggest Loser Contest at work. Today was the official starting day and weigh-in. I'm really excited for this and having positive support around me at, Shaun signed up to do it as well. We are going to run it for 12 weeks, it actually ends on my b-day June 6th! Fancy that, huh?!

I am ready… Continue

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Ok, so I am nervous to go to the clinic tomorrow. I don’t want an up day and I don’t want a small down day. I want a FANTASTIC day. Is that too much to ask? I guess I set my expectations high the first week when I lost 9 lbs!!! Now I know that a majority of that was water weight and my glycogen reserves, but come on….I have hardly seen a significan loss since. I test my urine every day (an hour after each meal and even more sometimes) because I am so nervous of falling out of ketosis. The other… Continue

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the Satisfaction of Poop!

So like many people being regular every day is a wonderful thing that we take for granted. I mean it is stinky, and gross, but there is some sort of satisfaction that we get once it is over with. A relief as some may call it. I had not “gone” in 4 days!! 4 days!! From a person who was regular, more than once a day sometimes, it had been 4 days!!! So last night I took 2 senekot. I literally woke up this morning dying of pain. I had stomach cramps soooooooooooo bad!! The good thing it, it all… Continue

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Ok, ok, so I know that this is not really a place to share prayers. I mean, what do prayers have to do with getting healthy? Really I am the last person to post prayers. Seriously, look at the title of this blog. I have never been super religious. Rather, I would say that I am more spiritual. So Chris…who also happens to be the love of my life suggested putting up prayers of gratitude. I feel like when we are grateful for things, we feel more satisfied with our lives, and that satisfaction can… Continue

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I made it to Onederland today. 199.0 First time in 7 years!! :) It feels great, I feel great.

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So close to ONEderland

So in our cirles, we have a thing called ONEderland. It is when you shed the 200’s and come into the 100’s. I am so excited. I am so close I can smell it. 4lbs away! I hope to be there next week!! Actually, I WILL be there next week. This is the type of thinking and mindframe that I need to get into more often.

I have a doctors appointment today, so I get weighed also. WE will see what the doctor has to say about that. I am so incredibly excited, because I finally found something… Continue

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Back on Track

So today I finally had a significant loss. 1.2 lbs, which is great, considering that my last week’s loss was only 1.6. This is exciting for me. Hopefully this week I will yield a good loss. I am in ketosis so that is excellent. I don’t even have to bring in a urine sample for Friday, but still, I need to stay on track.

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The beginning of my journey

So when I started this blog, I had every intent to try to lose this weight on my own. Then I found this wonderful place with so much support it is crazy. For those who follow the Dr. Berinstein’s diet, this is a great place. Dr. B Forums There are some very inspiring stories, and even more inspiring people on that site!! It is amazing to see their journey’s, just like our everyday battles that we share here. I find the forums a little more interactive for my taste, only because there are people… Continue

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A little secret

So here is a little secret to some of the stuff I have been using. I have found products that are AMAZING. Let me know what you all think of then if you choose to try them.

I have started to use the WALDEN FARMS stuff. It is amazing. Most of it is zero calories.

Walden Farms dressings: A GREAT addition to your salads. (and because it is zero calories, for those who are doing the WW points, it is worth no points….almost a freebie.) I have tried the Ranch (which was ok.) but… Continue

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I am so excited

So I decided not to the the WW thing. For several reasons.

However, I do have to say that I did join Dr. Berinstein’s clinic. Basically it is medically supervised weight loss. You go for urine tests three times a week….blood tests once a month, and vitamin B injections three times a week. What does that mean? Basically there is medical professionals looking out for your health and supervising your weight loss.

So I started the program two weeks ago, and I am happy to… Continue

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Pre-Blogging Weight Watchen

**This is a post from one of my other blogging sites I had started doing. Thought I should add it on here to show things along the way!**

Yes, I am throwing myself out there, almost as bad as being thrown in a cage with lions. Haha. I am doing a lot of self-analyzing and really trying to figure things out with emotional eating. I'd love to hear any of your comments and ideas. I'm hoping to lose a pound a week....with a long way to go! So I will tell you whats working, whats… Continue

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biting the bullet

down 1.6…only about 60 more to go.

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So today I feel inspired. Reading everybody else’s blogs, I feel inspired to REALLY do this. I sure hope it won’t be another LAME attempt. We all have had LAME attempts, lets be real. I have had several. Really, I have never been bothered for longer than a week or two to get healthy, altho it is a constant struggle with my mind. I think half of it has to do with the mind. Once you conquer your own mind and the willingness to finally DO something about it, the rest is really easy. I watch what I… Continue

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It’s about F’n Time


So I tried blogging before, and I am really bad at it, this I know, but I want a place to keep a journal and share a journey that is forever life changing for me. I also am looking for a place for some support. We all need support and we all require that someone who will encourage you to do your best.

First off, I would like to start by saying that I am not proud of my weight. It has finally gotten out of control. Well I wouldn’t really say out of control but it has… Continue

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When I will know I'm really on the way...

For any who have read in my blog, I had a successful WW venture about 3 years ago but things fell apart as they do for many. I’ve ‘attempted’ back on the program many times since then but I was not successful so I bit the bullet and joined meetings and here I am 5 and a bit weeks later.

I’ve lost weight, yes I have. 14 lbs so far and nothing to sneeze at but I have a long way to go, given my stats. I’m still scared I’ll fall off and just not get back on again. You can see I have… Continue

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A little less talk

Okay, how many more excuses can I come up with as to why I am not journaling like I should? I swear, sometimes I annoy myself! I spend all this time reading about (I am the queen of “you should read….”) and thinking about and talking about doing something and yet I never seem to get around to doing it! Eventually I will hit a stride and actually get something done and man, does it feel good!

So, I am going to stop making excuses and commit to journaling every day for at least two… Continue

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