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December 2008 Blog Posts (898)

Food-Eating--GOOD BYE 2008

Oh, I so love to eat, I love to create new recipes, I love food in general. The past month I have been on my good-bye tour of wheat/gluten, going to give it up for a bit and see how I feel. It is supposed to help with the issues I have been having health wise. Also trying to give up dairy too. One does not realize how much food contains wheat and dairy until they decide to no longer eat it. What is going to be even more interesting is that I live in Alaska, land of the not easy to get fruit and… Continue

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Getting ready for 2009

Dinner tonight was a little bad for me, but I tried to keep the damage to a minimum. I ordered seared cod and a baked potato with butter and sour cream on the side, and only used about 1/3 of the butter and 2/3 of the sour cream they brought. I also had to have tartar sauce on the fish, but I tried that trick of dipping my fork into it instead of dipping the food, and ended up not using quite all of that, either.

I had to head back up the hill because Eric's mom has company that… Continue

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First post

I climbed back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon as of Monday of this week. I was all the way down to 152 and have managed to, since June, slack all the way back up to 167. Fifteen pounds that I will have to re-lose on my way down to a hopeful goal of about 135lbs, a size 8 and hopefully a lot more muscle and a lot less flab...

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2009 and beyond!

Goals for 2009

1.) Do 5 pullups in a row, unassisted

2.) Run the OKC Half-Marathon (and maintain that conditioning the rest of the year)

3.) Get my weight to 145ish and MAINTAIN -- also, body fat around 22% or lower

4.) Finish my 5 year book and live by those values

5.) 4.0 both semesters and rock my internship

6.) Connect more with family back home in PA (write emails to Mom at least once a week, call Zoe and Levi at least 2 times a week, call my Dad or… Continue

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I am starting fresh its New Years. Everyone is making resolutions ...but I really mean mine. No I am not going to be perfect... But I am not going to be that sad little person who choses to eat over being happy. So from tomorrow this is the new Natasha. I plan on writing my ten reasons for sticking to my new life tomorrow so keep looking :) HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS- ITS GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE :)

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I hate being sick... :( vacation is coming to an end soon and I managed to get myself one "heck of a" cold! I haven't felt this bad in a LONG time! I did manage to go to the grocery store today (thank goodness)! We had NO food in the house at all and I desperately need to get back to my normal eating. So fruits and veggies are all stocked and ready to go!

I just can't make myself run today...I can barely breathe and my throat is now hurting too! My plan is to try and recover another day and then… Continue

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starting new again...again

I feel like I say this every day lately! lol ~ Last night the husband and I went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary-we had an awesome, calorie laden time and today I started off great with a mushroom and red bell pepper omelette and a double fiber muffin. Lunch is some leftovers and vegetables, and dinner will be turkey brats with my parents. They are coming over this afternoon to spend some time with us. I am going to try to stick to veggies only for snacks because I have 5.5 pts left… Continue

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weight loss journal

I am trying to keep between 20 and 25 points.


1 eggwhite omelet with 1/4 wedge light laughing cow cheese

and a lot of 0 pt veggies.-2pt

1/2 banana=1pt

2 slices of very whole grain whole whoast with spray margarine and sugar free jam.= 2 pt.

Felt pretty good today spent too much time in dwlz chatroom. Did NOT get any exercise in which is NOT good.


6" oven roasted chiken breast with a lot of veggies light oil and… Continue

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Holidays are almost OVER

I usually love this time of year and go way overboard. Buying my kids things I never got as a kid whether they wanted it or not. Overdecorating. Overindulging. This year was different.

I have a couple of theories why I didn't like the holidays so much this year:

1. Surgery. I was scared/stressed before the surgery and recovering after the surgery. Kind of makes one cranky. I hate being laid up and told I can't do stuff. I only like to lay around and be useless when I feel like… Continue

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2009 Resolutions/Goals

Below is my rough draft of my 2009 New Years Resolutions, or Goals for the year. I'm headed out on vacation for a while, but wanted to get these out at least roughly before the New Year

1) Maintain Lifetime Status - Weigh in each month under goals

2) Get to personal weight goal (high 130's - mid 140's, I'm not sure where it'll be, but I'll know it when I get there)

3) Do at least 3 fun run/walks. Complete a 5K in under 35 minutes

4) Continue the 101… Continue

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Goodbye 2008!

Well xmas went good, I actually didnt even go near the cookies! for some reason my gramma didnt have the just regular sugar cookies with frosting this year, just a bunch of kinds i dont like! i guess thats good for me. As I wrote before this xmas eve I was santa clause well actually Sandra Clause. it went really good and I was able to not get into thta mode of hating how i look and feel when everyone else is skinny. We went to see Marley and Me on xmas day, i was really excited to see it but… Continue

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two days of bikram's yoga in a row!

i'm very proud of myself because i managed to go to bikram's yoga (this incredibly challenging form of yoga where you are in a HOT room like 30 degrees celsius doing yoga poses for 90 minutes) two days in a row! i found that i've been really busy this holiday which is why i haven't been keeping up with my regular posting... another thing that i don't quite understand is the gain i've been seeing on my scale... it doesn't seem to make sense to me because if anything, i've been more physically… Continue

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Borrowing another of Roni's ideas ...

Instead of "Thursday Thoughts," I want to share some "Wednesday Wonderings" ... I have a couple of links I found that I thought I'd pass along.

One of them is my column in today's Daily Sun. I couldn't come up with a topic, so I borrowed my WW leader's idea of looking back at 2008 ... and that means it's part of my big "looking forward and back" post… Continue

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Im so excited...

Happy New Year everyone, Im so excited about 2009 and im so glad that i didnt wait until 2009 to get back on track. I feel so good about the choices i have made these past few days, I need to work on my sodium but other than that im getting there. Thats all i can do is take it one day at a time. Tonight may be a bit of a challenge, we are going to Olive Garden and the meal i want isnt that great but im going to try to fill up on salad before the meal so i wont eat as much and ive told myself… Continue

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Not a Success!

I had a major gain of 2.8 pounds this week. With Christmas, our overnight Spa trip out of town, and the food attached to my hand, it didn't make for a productive weight loss weight.

I am ready to get back on track. I will let myself have a few snack this evening, but then I am going back to my regular allotment of points.

The gain was not a surprise, I knew it wasn't going to be good.

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The Plan

So, here is the plan, in writing, for all eye's to see:

1.) Continue with the doctor diet for 18 days, allowing myself only ONE small indulgence per day

2.) For 14 days after that, follow Phase 1 on the South Beach Diet

3.) After that, head back to WW for long-term skills, weight loss, and maintenance

4.) Use Nike + tools to help with motivation and training for the half-marathon in April 2009

5.) Buy and use a body fat analyzer to ensure that weight loss is… Continue

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I Miss My Mom

I went to Oklahoma this last week to visit my family and I miss my mom already. It's hard living so far away from my family. This trip was actually very enjoyable. Usually, it is really uncomfortable because my dad is not very easy to please or get along with. This time, he was such a nice man. He was kind, accommodating, and he was really nice to my mom.

Everyone in my family noticed I'd lost weight. My grandma was so proud of me that she bought me a new outfit (a new suit with some… Continue

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10 Day Recap

Ok, so honestly it wasn't all that bad! In fact, when we came back from Santa Fe and were home for one night, I weight myself and found I had LOST weight. Huh? It snowed, heavily, and I wasn't able to exercise like I wanted to, but apparently I made good choices and did a good job!

When we got back from the in-laws (where my children decided to go on a sleep strike and I spent 3 days totally exhausted) I didn't make incredible choices -weighed myself this morning and had gained 3… Continue

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The damage is done....and over

So- I officially weighed in this AM. Down 0.2.

I purposefully weighed in in the morning so that the afternoon bloat wouldn't get me down by showing a loss. I just needed a maintain or slight loss to really keep up my spirits and resolve. I got that, so here I am.

I leave for Vegas in the morning- will be gone 3 biggest goals are to not eat ANY fried foods whatsoever, drink lots of water and really watch all portion sizes. I'm going to be avoiding buffets at all… Continue

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A hard post for me to write...


This is a hard post for me to write in a way. This may sound crazy but I don't like talking about myself...crazy in that I never want to come off as "oh poor me" or come off as ungrateful. Over the past two months or so I have been struggling with a few things....

  • According to the…

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