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I said that when I lose 50lbs I wanted to climb a rock wall and I'm at about 40 now. I go to a party for the graduates, I'm volunteering. I see all the bouncy houses and obstacle courses and I really want to try them out but I didn't. Then my friend, another teacher, says I'll race you on the obstacle course. I say ok, thinking this is my chance to be active, because the graduates are settled down by this time. I made it to the rock wall portion with a slide on the other side. I tried and…


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Weekly status update 50 miles!


274 +3

Measurements - no changes

Thigh 26"

Hip 49"

Arm 14"

Waist 41"

Bust 41"

Chest 36"


Goal 20 miles per week but… Continue

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I blew it today

Today didnt go as well as I had planned. I slept in and then my mom wanted to go the mall for lunch. since i missed breakfast I decided it was alright to have pizza from Sbarro, I did look up the caloires and its 459 for one slice. I decided it was okay bc i didnt have breakfast. then i saw the bread sticks and i ordered just one but he gave me two. i only ate one because they actually werent that good! i dont know why i finished it first bread stick if i didnt like it? i guess i have a… Continue

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Unconscious Eating

Sigh. Here I sit, after a 4-day weekend. Feeling horrible about myself.

I went to New York for the weekend to go to a friend's sister's wedding. Friday I did well on the eating front all day until I got to my destnation. I was so hungry after driving 5 hours that I immediately accepted my friend's family's offer of pizza and cake. Saturday was the wedding - and the only way to describe my eating was unconscious. I tried to take a small plate at the cocktail hour, but ended up…


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Perfect run (weather wise...)

I did not want to run today. I go through spurts where I want to run and I think training for the half just burned me out. I have boredom problems when I run. If I'm with someone else it isn't so bad, but when I'm running alone I'll get partway in and then get bored, which causes me to not want to run, so then I subconsciously tell myself I can't make it and stop. Lame, I know. I did run today though. I'm making myself get in two 2-mile runs this week. So I'm halfway there! Today's run was… Continue

Added by Amanda on May 31, 2010 at 7:04pm — 1 Comment

Well I was going to start today!

I was going to weigh in and start my diet today but hubby got violent this morning (part of his dementia) and I lost the day to simply coping. I locked myself in the bedroom but he broke down the door and scared dog to death. He didn't help my nerves any, either. Comfort food began to call out to me after noon. I forgot all about weighing in and beginning the diet. Will start tomorrow - todays was just for coping!

May 31…


Added by R D Kelly on May 31, 2010 at 7:01pm — 1 Comment

weigh in

sorry there are no capital letters but i am nursing a teething baby. I have lost 0.5lbs every week lately bar one when i lost a pound but as they say any loss is still a loss. at slimming world i seem to be the lowest loser every week - others have 1- 5lb losses and every week i get 8ozs but i am still in the negative which is brill. I think i have lost 9 or 10lbs since the end of feb but maybe slower is better. ah well hopefully another 0.5lb off tomorrow night

Added by lorna white on May 31, 2010 at 5:59pm — 1 Comment

Thank You Agrigirl!

I stumbled upon Tammy's blog (Agrigirl) after she commented on one of my posts. I love when new readers comment and I discover a great new blog. Tammy's most recent entry is about keeping a food journal. I'm a big believer in keeping a food journal, but for some reason when my life gets too busy that's one thing that I don't remember to do. Well, maybe I purposely forget to log my food…


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A Triumph!

I planned on going to the gym yesterday once J went to bed, but he didn't end up going to bed until 12:15. Did I go to the gym? Yes I did! What a triumph. I didn't feel like going, and it was late, but I knew I would feel worse if I didn't go. My plan was to workout an hour on the eliptical, but my knee started to hurt 25 minutes in. I got tendinitis in both knees last year. It was awful. I absolutely don't want it to happen again. I'm sure my body has a hard time when I work out because of all… Continue

Added by Sarah on May 31, 2010 at 4:18pm — 2 Comments

Week 2 Weigh In

Despite my struggles this week the scale showed a 2 pound loss. I am thrilled about that and will use that as a springboard to kick off a successful on points week!!! These two pounds put my total to 6 pounds which enabled me to choose a "reward" from my Five Pound Reward bag and the card I pulled was "eyeshadow and lipstick". So I'll pick me up something new this week and that will be fun!!! Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

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Started Off Right

I woke up at 8 am this morning with the plan to go walk 5k. I set my alarm and laid out my workout clothes last night so I'd be ready. Then I woke up to thunder. That's right, it rained this morning. Thankfully, it didn't last long. I had to wait about an hour and then it went away. Still kinda cloudy outside, so I'm hoping swimming this afternoon is still an option. Because I had to wait, I didn't get in a full 5k, only half. The hubby and I have people coming over for lunch and we had to… Continue

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it

For the first few months after reaching my goal weight, I continued to attend Weight Watcher meetings weekly. But then work and life conspired to interfere with attendance, along with my general attitude that I didn't need to go to meetings. I had this maintenance routine down.

So I started attending meetings once a month. And then I started gaming the system. I attended the first meeting of the month and the last meeting of the next month and managed to make it 7 weeks between…


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Moving On (157 lbs)

I had quite a week last week. A lot of emotional turmoil and conflicts...which in turn, stirred up the binging monster in me. Add in a flu that knocked me on my butt for several days, and what do we have? Full-blown binge mode.…


Added by Ex Yo-Yo Debbie on May 31, 2010 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

i'm alive and back.

i'm excited to be back this time. it's been a while!

first thing first, i must say ---- i finally graduated! a few weeks ago, i graduated with a masters in school counseling and guidance at gallaudet university. it is truly a HUGE accomplishment for me. There were many times throughout the two years program where i felt there was no real finish line. I am so excited for that chapter of my life to be done with.

Now,… Continue

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Just a quickie to celelbrate a 2 pound loss this week!!!

Can I just say I love clean eating. Why oh why do I ever stray? I started C25K this week, back to week 1, it is going well it feels really good!!!! Today may prove to be a little difficult, Scott & I are working on 5 hours of sleep after working a wedding & we have to get Miranda to the parade. She is jump roping in the parade with her team, talk about a workout!!! Then we have a picnic, not sure what kind of food, but I'm bringing a big salad so that should help!

Ok my… Continue

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Did good last night, horrible today!

Last night went pretty good, I was invited to a barbecue at a family friends house. They have two girls my sister and mines age that we grew up with but I hadnt seen then in 4 years! It was really fun to catch up, I was nervous bc I was the only overweight person btu i did good. I even chose to just have grilled chicken instead of a burger and I had half a peice of the desert.

today started out alright btu after lunch I started thinking that i could blow the rest of the day. i dont… Continue

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The Kitchen is Closed!

Lately, in the evening, I've had to write: The Kitchen is Closed".

Just writing this down helps me avoid mindless evening snacking. It's somewhat similar to the Beck Diet, where Dr. Beck advises setting a rule about food. e.g. No eating after dinner. I have another friend who says it is more like telling your inner 4 year old that 'No, you can't eat more after dinner'.

Whether I am setting a rule a'la Beck, or getting firm with my inner 4 year old, either way,…


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Yesterday was a good day. Today has been pretty good, too.

I'm trying something new. I guess we'll see if it's working on Friday. I'm trying to eat low-carb, which really just means that I am not filling up on carbs and I am eating more fruits and veggies than anything else. I started yesterday, and today has been great, too. I've decided to stop focusing so much on planning meals and more on having good food in the house to eat. J and I bought a new bbq grill yesterday and I finished putting it together today. We're going to bbq sirloin steaks tonight… Continue

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Attack of the sugar monster!

Sorry, today's post is a smattering of ramblings...

I've been having MASSIVE sugar cravings today. I woke up and it's like I was on the prowl. I ended up making an impromptu cheesecake like thing. It's certainly not healthy, but I was tracking all day, formulated the calorie info for the cake, and then tracked it before I ate it, so I'm still accountable and on track for the day. Ideally my sugar intake today wouldn't be so high, but hey, sometimes your body just craves things. I was… Continue

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The Wedding--A Reflection

Almost sixteen months ago, I started this journey to good health because I was finally ready to see myself as worthy of being healthy, and I was ready to take the responsibility of taking care of myself. Only a couple of months in, I had the added motivation of my sister's engagement. In a year's time, she would get married, and I would be the maid-of-honor--AND get to choose my own dress. What better way to frame my continued healthstyle changes than with the propspect of having to walk down… Continue

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