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April 2008 Blog Posts (56)

Proud of myself

I went to Taco Bell for lunch and got a tostada and burrito supreme. Knowing myself and knowing that I only need one item to feel satisfied, I put the burrito right in the fridge for later and only at the tostada. I’m still thinking about the burrito but now it’s something I can look forward to when I get hungry again. I am taking care of myself by putting it away!

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Feeling stronger

Thank you everyone for all of your comments! I am trying to figure out the best way to respond. Do you all normally just send an email back or do you go to the commenter’s site and comment back?

Yesterday I had a good day. I listened to my hunger and only ate then and didn’t overeat. Food was not readily available to me so I think that helped. I don’t feel worried that I won’t be able to eat (which I guess some people may feel?) so maybe I will try just not planning and going with… Continue

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Give a man a fish....

I found the following on another blog ( here in weight watchen……and it’s a great one! Kim’s really onto something here!

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to catch fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

My version: Give a woman a plan to lose weight and she’ll get skinny. Teach her to deal with her food issues and she’ll stay skinny.

How’s that for genius??? I don’t know if I’ve dealt with my food issues.… Continue

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Life in the Middle

So here we are in the middle of the week. Life in my world is kind of blah. I guess I am just complacent with the way things are going. I am eating on plan, and I have not strayed. I have worked too hard to stray, but I guess my motivation is slowly running out of patience. I mean, i don’t want to go to the clinic, in fact, I have not been since last week. I haven’t written in my diet sheet for about a week, and the nurses at the clinic are going to FREAK, but I will write in it, fill it up… Continue

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Ho hum…

Just a quick post here…two days left before my 3rd week weigh-in. I have been really good about sticking to plan for the most part - other than excess drinking on the weekend. I don’t normally drink much, but went out with some friends after work and drank a few too many glasses of wine. I reckon I probably drank about a bottle of wine in total but I included it onto my points tracker and because I’ve not used all my points on the other days, it has evened out now (actually I have saved 8.5… Continue

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Ironing out the Kinks

It's just me and the husband here on NING, Ironing out all the kinks! Hope to invite eveyone in soon! :~)

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hello world

hello world

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Remember what I said about logging those points from my Chinese dinner last night and then maybe re-checking the guilt quotient?……OMG!

GUILTGUILTGUILTGUILTGUILT…’s awful! And I have a weigh in later this week…ARGH!!!!

Note to self:

Lay off the leftovers sister!!!

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I ate and ate and ate

Well, I didn’t make it to the gym after work yesterday…I drove home, picked up my daughter, and took her out for Chinese….she loved flirting with the cute boys who worked there….they just seemed amused!…She is such a cutie!

We had awful wonderful things like shrimp toast, crab rangoon, pineapple shrimp fried rice, hot and sour soup, and three flavor chicken (sesame, sweet and sour, and chicken with veggies)….topped off with diet coke….(yeah I know, why bother after all… Continue

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Back in the game...

I quickly wanted to post regarding the last few days that I’ve been so worried for. My hubby and I just returned from a 2-night stay at a Bed and Breakfast. It was wonderful and much needed. So of course, how did I do eating wise?! Well…let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. :) I had several Diet Pepsi’s while we were away…but as of today, I’m back to NONE! They left cheesecake each night and the breakfast was of course some sort of pastry which was delicious. To the good…I kept control over… Continue

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Had a binge…

Doh. It was Thursday night. I ate so much rice I thought I was going to bust! I knew I was doing it but didn’t stop myself and felt so gross afterward. It was terrible. I’ve been feeling kind of down since although it hasn’t happened again. I tried listening to my body over the weekend but I pretty much ate whenever I wanted even if I wasn’t hungry. So, what’s going on?

I’ve been worried about my job. I have to do a lot of networking and it makes me very nervous, that’s why I have to… Continue

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What makes or breaks a successful weight loss goal?

I appreciate the comments you’ve been leaving me. It’s nice to know that someone is actually reading what I write…sometimes kind of scary, too! :) For todays post I’m going to brainstorm with what’s working for my weight loss and what’s not. I think it’s important to evaluate from time to time and see where your downfalls are and acknowledge what is working.

I weighed in yesterday and was up 0.6 lbs. I wasn’t entirely surprised, as it’s that special time of the month and I’m really… Continue

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Note to self....

Just stealing (borrowing) something I saw in Roni’s post…it’s a good idea…

Michele - quit beating yourself up over your lousy eating habits this weekend. It’s only 48 hours out of your life…you get a fresh start in the morning and you are ready to eat right and work out all week! You can do it, so wipe you chin off and get a good night’s sleep and put it to rest!



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This Prison Cell

Quote for today:

I just gotta get out of this prison cell

One day I’m gonna be free, Oh!

~Freddy Mercury (Queen) - Somebody To Love

Released 12th November, 1976 - Spent 8 weeks on chart and reached number 2. Went Silver.

While I was working out last night I listened to this song on my iPod and this line hit home. This is exactly what my body feels like to me. A prison cell….I’ve been locked into this cell for all these years and finally doing… Continue

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Week Two weigh-in…

I’ve completed two weeks of the diet so far and I have been so good! I’ve been eating salads for lunch most days and quite alot of stirfries for dinner and lots of fish. I’m definitely getting my veggie quota in…though could do with eating more fruit and drinking more water.

I’ve continued mini-tramping and earlier this week I went hillwalking with M. We went for just over an hour and according to my “points tracker” that was worth 4.5 activity points - which isn’t surprising… Continue

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I strongly prefer to lose weight

I tend to get really anxious when I think about wanting to lose weight and being frustrated that I haven’t already. When this happens, I have been trying to tell myself “I strongly prefer to lose weight” rather than feeling like I NEED it right now. I hope this becomes a habit, it really helps me keep perspective.

I have been tracking what I eat pretty closely for the past couple of days which I feel good about. I am also noting my hunger level eat time I eat. I’ve noticed that I… Continue

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5 things I would tell the high school me

This was one of Roni’s questions of the week and I liked it so much I thought I would post it to my blog so I can remember and reread it often.

I would say:

People are nothing to be afraid of, they are just people. Enjoy new relationships, you have something to offer.

You have value as a human being, not a human doing. You can’t fix anyone else’s life but your own. Everyone has to fix their own problems. Let go…

Relax. It’s okay if you don’t get something you… Continue

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Hockey, Beer and Pizza

So minus the Beer and Pizza part, my hockey team is doing AM-A-ZING!!! They are first in the eastern conference and game seven was pheonominal. But alas I did not have been and pizza.

I am 175.2 as of today. HOOORAY!! that is 41 lbs down. Which is GREAT! I am feeling better, still really groggy in the mornings, but that is due to the sedatives I am taking to help me sleep at night. Last night, my neighbours motion light was on ALL NIGHT, so it was shining through my window. Not cool… Continue

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Weekly Weigh In - 4/22/08


Official Weigh In Day

Starting weight 3/11/08: 154.6

Week one: 3/18/08: 152.2 - 2.4 lb. loss

Week two: 3/25/08: 153.2 - 1 lb. gain. :-(

Week three: 4/01/08: 152.4 - .8 loss

Week four: 4/08/08: 151.2 - 1.2 loss

Week five: 4/15/08: 150.0 - 1.2 loss

Week six: 4/22/08: 149.2 - .8 loss

Total loss to date: 5.4… Continue

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Hi, sorry I have been MiA for the last little bit. I guess I am just frustrated with everything, and coming to the end of my rope with things.

So here is the skinny: (no pun intended). I have started a very low carb (even lower than normal on 100% strict) diet. I have also started aquafit. Yeah, aquafit. That is right, it is the dreaded E word. So I started last week and I am slowly getting better at it, but the next day it feels like my muscles are REVOLTING against me. Seriously… Continue

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