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Cravings, doctor visit, and hypothyroidism

Hi everyone!

I still find that I have intense temptations. Right now I can only think of eating cheese and crackers... it sounds so good! BUT, I am out of points. I went for a run, did 20 good push-ups, and walked my dog for 20 mins. I counted 4 activity points for all that and I have used them all up. It would be easy to sit here and just say whatever... and eat what I want, but I know that will come back to bite me. Thursday night is weigh in at WW, by then I need to have lost something!… Continue

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Oh man, today has been crazy busy! The chocolate cravings are raging fiercely within me again today, so I gave in and made peanut butter brownie oatmeal for breakfast! 5 points of de-licious-ness that held me over until almost 1. (1T low fat natural PB, 1/2 a chocolate cherry brownie (WW recipe) over 1/2 cup prepared oats). Then, I visted four, count them FOUR Hobby Lobby stores searching for wedding crap. Dashed over to have Subway for lunch with the fiance (and wear my wedding ring around the… Continue

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One More Day!

So its the night before weigh in. I feel apprehensive yet excited. I weight myself every morning so it wont be much of a surprise I am just hoping I go down even if its just 1 ounce which has been the case for the past 2 days. I stayed completely on plan today so I should see a result.

I'll update in the morning for week 1s weigh in! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good night everyone!

Added by Corinne on March 31, 2009 at 10:41pm — 2 Comments

Will I Keep the Weight Off?

What Tara said to Jillian on The Biggest Loser tonight really resonated with me. She said she gained over 100 pounds in a year and a half, and she still didn't know why. She was afraid if she didn't figure out the reason why before too long, she would gain the weight back.

Well I gained over 70 pounds in a year and a half and I have NO CLUE why. I mean emotionally... nothing has happened to me that I know of to make me overeat. The only thing I can think of is that I was so all or… Continue

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Blackberries and WI

I can't believe I never realized how great blackberries are. I think an entire pint is still zero points. I can't eat that many in one sitting, but it is great to know that I can just pick at them during the day. I love to have things like that around the house. The grapes I tend to snack on can add up after a while.

Well, today was my weigh in and I lost 0.8 pounds. I'm happy with it, knowing that I didn't do much in the way of excercise for the better part of the week. Now, my back… Continue

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~ Sweet Tooth?...Me?...No!! ~

I work at a Special Educational School as an Assistant. I love my job, but people are always bringing in food and we always have potlucks. It's great, but when you are trying to lose weight it can be really challenging!

I am super proud of myself though! Today my teacher brought in a huge box of mini white powdered doughnuts, which are some of my favorite. I really battled myself on this one! I was working out the points and thought about it many times but in the end, I realized it… Continue

Added by Kristin Reeves on March 31, 2009 at 9:45pm — 3 Comments

Week One Day Three

I am happy to report, I have had exactly 1600 calories today, yeah! I am satisfied, haven't been focused on food really today. I was so busy at work, which helps. No workout today, watching TB Loser now, gotta go!

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So i haven't posted since saturday because i've been falling off the horse and loosing focus! here is my current situation:

weighing: 247.5

I'm working 2 jobs, 55 hours a week, around temptation, and vending machine! starting drinking coffee with 3 little cups of cream! i mean its like you swear i was just starting over! i'm pretty sick about it! i'm not weighing in tomorrow, because i had a horrible day! Here is my day!

Cheerios: 100 calories

Milk: 100… Continue

Added by Dana on March 31, 2009 at 9:16pm — 1 Comment

its been a month and I am going stong

Yea! I am chugging along. I am 10lbs down and 50 to go. My goal is my 40th b-day which is June 13th, but it does not matter if i hit that goal....just matters that I have one. I am happy to be doing something great for my body!

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C25K W6D2 and March Challenge Complete

I only have a minute to write because I'm going to go watch the Biggest Loser (while eating pizza)... but just wanted to note that I did W6D2 today. It was my first time running on the treadmill while my daughter was awake and my husband wasn't home. She did so good though! What a good girl.

And I'm happy to say I completed the March challenge- I exercised 30 days in March. YAY!

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OMG I just came across old food journals!!! I have been up & down so mnay times!

I'm feeling emotional, & questioning weather or not I'm capable of making this weight loss stick! The journal I just read looks like this:

The first entry in the food journal is from 9/29/05 my starting weight was 138 (because it wasn't long before this that I was 125 & looking & feeling better than I had in a very long time! I got to 125 doing both WW & Oprah's boot camp. I followed Bob Green's book for my exercise. My diet was strict & for the first time I began to… Continue

Added by Erica on March 31, 2009 at 8:03pm — 2 Comments

feeling good and bad

I didn't journal this weekend (see previous post) and I have had a hard time jumping back into I have no idea how many points I've actually eaten...however I don't think I'm going crazy eating...I've tried to stick to routine foods...with a little frosting here and there lol...

I have been working out though, and while I have to drag my butt through it at the end...I feel so great afterwards...I've skipped a day here and there, but never two in a row and I have been making it a… Continue

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I went to a job fair today so that I could maybe get a job next year. My school district is going through some major budget problems and they are having to let go of a lot of teachers. Since I'm not even on contract with them, I have to assume they won't be able to offer me a job next year. So....job fair. It's better than taking a day off to drive here and there and everywhere for various interviews. I felt like I was a name on a sheet of paper or a list of accomplishments instead of the human… Continue

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Illness Weight Loss--what's actually lost?

After the past four days of plague, I was able to make it through school today (though I sounded like one of Marge Simpson's sisters) and think I'm finally ready for solid food again. For four and half days I ate nothing but soup and yogurt and grapefruit and pineapple and tea and oj and water because frankly, a) it hurt to chew and b) that stuff's as easy coming up as it is going down--TMI, sorry. Tonight, I'm countering all that with something hearty: black bean chili and a little… Continue

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Diagnosis is in...

The tech guy came to look at my treadmill, and I am sadened to say, the motor is DEAD. There is also some sort of pin that came out, but the real problem is the dead motor. He's ordering a replacement part, and thank goodness it's covered by the extended warranty, but until the part comes in and is replaced, I am SOL as far as running goes. CRAP!! I was really getting into a good groove in March. I really can't wait now for all the snow and ice to melt here. I guess until it's fixed I'll be… Continue

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OMG, I am totally starving. It is 3:34 p.m. and I only have 6 points left for supper. I am blogging, rather than eating. How does anyone get by on 20 points a day? I guess I did not have enough protein with lunch. I have some fresh veggies, so I will chomp on those for a while. Anything to keep me away from the chocolate!

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My first 5K

I can't really say I was nervous...but I certainly felt like a fraud. Like I was sneaking into something and participating in something that I had no right to do. But, I registered, got my chip and lined up with the rest of the crowd. When the signal went off, I turned on my music and started jogging. It wasn't easy. My calf still was tight and I wasn't used to running certainly is different! I managed to finish with walking about three times. Each time I walked, I made myself go… Continue

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Butternut squash soup with sausage (or without)

This is a really yummy soup that I love!!! I'll be so sad when I don't see butternut squash at the store & I'll have to wait until the Fall to get more! Since I was asked how I made this soup I figured I'd just share it here because it is simple!

First I took 2 large butternut squashes cut in half & removed the seeds. You could do just 1 though. I have a family of 4 to feed! Next place the halves into a shallow roasting pan cut side up, with a couple inches of water in the… Continue

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And I ran...

I clocked it on my pedometer, the total distance from my house to the end of the trail is well over a mile. I ran almost 1/4 of it! I'm so excited. That's the most of I've run before! EVER! I like the feeling. I get so energized after a run. I decided after I came home from my massage that was what I was going to do. I was like, "I'm going for a run." And I did. 153lbs. It's getting lower. Yeah, I bailed on the Shred. Who knows if I will ever be able to settle with one exercise regimen? I just… Continue

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Biggest loser officially =)

YAY!! I kicked everyone's ass at work this week! I'm so excited I could squeal!! 6pounds this week yes maam that is right wa hoo!!!

I'm at 234 naked haha you know after you tinkle in the am before you shower =) but today at our office WI I was 235 with clothes on so I'm estactic. I will win, I'm going to win! Last week I started at 241 (with clothes on) so now only 4more to go and that will be 10 pounds in 2weeks. OK I might be getting a little carried away but it is worth a shot, I… Continue

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