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March 2008 Blog Posts (24)

My big debate

Today started off not so great, I didn’t get any sleep last night and I thought I would have a terrible day. My mind was just racing and wouldn’t turn off. Of course my husband slept like a log! There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep and having someone next to you just SNORING away

But it turned out to be a fine day. My new job is fun and I feel like I will be able to make a difference. I got an email from someone who used to work on my team thanking me for mentoring her… Continue

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Good day :)

Today was a good day but not so much because of doing well foodwise. We woke up around 9:30 and went to breakfast with our neighbor. I had two poached eggs with some potatoes, 1/4 of a biscuit and one silver dollar pancake. I did stop when I was full (6*)although I would have preferred to stop when satisfied (5*).

Then we came home and spent the day outside with the dogs (a pic of my dog is below). Cleaned up the yard, did a crossword puzzle, read the paper, shaved the dog, played… Continue

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Sunday Morning

I love sunday mornings. I normally wake up really early and enjoy my first cup of coffee at the starbucks and sit and people watch. It is one of my favourite things to do. This weekend was a really tough weekend. Not for staying “strict”, but rather tolling emotionally. I got a visit from TOM and my cramps are so bad this time around. I guess I can consider myself really lucky in the sense that I don’t get TOM as often as other women. I get TOM every 45-55 days. This is regular for me. When I… Continue

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Dinner choices

We had middle eastern food for dinner which is generally pretty healthy. I chose chicken shawarma over beef which was an NSV for me. It had hummus and pita with it. I did stop eating when I was satisfied but then ate a little more because it was sitting in front of me. I should have pushed it aside. I also had a little baklava (sp?) for dessert and it was SO good. But my husband and I shared one small piece. Overall I think I did pretty well! They don’t serve alcohol so no drinks, just some… Continue

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Munching today

I was so bummed today when I went to the site and it was down, even though I knew it was going to be. I am so glad it’s back up and I can post! I’ve been reading a bit through Roni’s archive, too. I found some great recipes, she is so creative!

Yesterday I did well even though I had an unusual schedule. Here’s what I ate:

banana, apple juice, bagel with cream cheese, cheese and pepperoni with mustard, 3/4 bean burrito, box of nerds

I did pretty well considering I went… Continue

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Pepper jelly=heartburn

oh my goodness. I had some bread with cream cheese and pepper jelly for dinner and now I have MAJOR heartburn. ugh. Took a couple of tums and just going to say goodnight. The bread is now gone so I don’t have to worry about that temptation. I didn’t eat anything else, though, and did some major cleaning of my house tonight which felt good. I put away all my clean clothes and organized my closet! Oh that feels nice.

Today I had:

yogurt, almonds, banana, taco salad (w/lettuce and… Continue

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Eat-everything-on-my-plate kind of girl

Well, just forced myself to stop eating my taco salad. It was way too big and I was definitely getting full. I could have stopped a few bites earlier so I am a little over-full but I still consider it a victory. I am the type of person who is going to eat everything I am given. With that in mind, I should only serve myself a small portion, that way I don’t overeat simply because I felt I should eat everything on my plate.

Trying to take more deep breaths today. I even got up and went… Continue

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Deep Breath…

Okay, it kind of hit me today. I had a really successful day up until I came home. It’s almost like I hold my breath all day long and only let myself breath once I cross the threshold of my front door. And of course all I can think about doing at that point is taking care of myself by eating. I also think I scrunch up my shoulders all day long without realizing it. I truly believe it would help me if I just stopped once an hour and took a deep breath! You know that kind that start at my stomach… Continue

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Hail Day?

Today on the way home from work it was hailing! It totally sucked. It was gross and cold. Speaking of cold, I am cold all the time. I can’t get over being so f’n cold. At work I have a hot water bottle under my desk for my toes…and the people at work are starting to call me gramma! At home, I sleep with a hot water bottle to keep my toes warm. I had a minor gain today of 0.8, and I was so dissapointed in myself. I want so badly to make it under 190, I can taste it. I am feeling pretty crappy… Continue

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Feeling good

Okay, so far so good. I have been watching what I eat but not tracking. I am not getting the normal panic feeling I usually get with weight watchers. I think I’ll just list out my meals, though, so if I don’t start to lose, I can see where adjustments can be made.

There have been a couple of times when I started getting the urge to eat. I tried to think about what was going on that was triggering the feeling. Each time it was because I was procrastinating. So rather than eat, I did… Continue

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Still trucking

Well, took a little hiatus for a while but I am back on track. I decided to give myself a little goal which I hope helps. I am going to go clothes shopping in two weeks and want to see what I can get done between now and then. I am not going to count points or weigh myself but I am following the principles I know well: lowfat, whole grains, eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.

I have to get back in touch with how my body feels when it is hungry which I think will happen… Continue

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Hello Snow

Well it has been a while since I have wrote a post that is really comprehensive. I guess I have just gotten lazy or maybe just comfortable…but no more. This week I was truly inspired by a small couple of things.

The first of my many inspirations is a really good friend of mine that I have gotten to know from the Dr. B Forums. You know, this thing called weight loss is REALLY frustrating for some of us when we don’t see the results that we want to. It is easy to give up and fall into… Continue

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Easter Keester

Happy Easter everybody. What a fantastic way to celebrate the coming of spring and the “new me”. I think everybody should celebrate the “New Me”….because here we are posting our little hearts out trying to be better people, more healthy, more happy and more inspired than we have ever been. So I am celebrating the “New Me”.

March 21st also marks the Spring Solctice. In our tradition, March 21st is our New Year, and for the first time, I am SO grateful for this year and all it has to… Continue

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Astronomical Gastronomical Issues

Ok, for everyone that has been following along, I have had some gastronomic issues. So last night I took Magnesium Citrate. Wow, that is dynamite stuff. No loss today but I am happy to get rid of my issues. So that is the celebration from the weekend. On the downside, now I have to be really careful as to what I eat to make sure I am getting enough fibre in my diet. I am going to start on the metamucil today or tomorrow again. I just need to get my H2O up a little bit. Today I am going to try… Continue

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The satisfaction of poop pt 2

Thank you for all the suggestions. I am going to go out today and start with some metamucil caplets. It is probably going to be the best thing for me….last night was a disaster. My stomach hurt sooooooooo badly. I took another two senekot and did some reading online. I think the metamucil caplets will be great help. Well at least I hope they will.

On the boyfriend situation: Wow, we both have a lot of work to do as far as our relationship goes. He dosen’t like the fact that I am… Continue

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Oy Oy Oy!

Ok, so I guess I should be really greatful. My last weeks loss was about 3.2 lbs. I would have liked to see more, but I still have one more Weigh In on Monday to count it for a week. We shall see what Monday Brings. This weekend is going to be a good one. I can feel it. Tonight I am going to make a nice big salad and play some Wii!!! I am very excited!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. :)

Oh yeah, the boyfriend situation: Just to keep those reading my blog updated,… Continue

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Start of Biggest Loser Contest

**Another Pre-Weight Watchen blog from my other site!**

Ok! Well, I found a Biggest Loser Contest Blog thing that some people are doing and it inspired me to create a Biggest Loser Contest at work. Today was the official starting day and weigh-in. I'm really excited for this and having positive support around me at, Shaun signed up to do it as well. We are going to run it for 12 weeks, it actually ends on my b-day June 6th! Fancy that, huh?!

I am ready… Continue

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Ok, so I am nervous to go to the clinic tomorrow. I don’t want an up day and I don’t want a small down day. I want a FANTASTIC day. Is that too much to ask? I guess I set my expectations high the first week when I lost 9 lbs!!! Now I know that a majority of that was water weight and my glycogen reserves, but come on….I have hardly seen a significan loss since. I test my urine every day (an hour after each meal and even more sometimes) because I am so nervous of falling out of ketosis. The other… Continue

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the Satisfaction of Poop!

So like many people being regular every day is a wonderful thing that we take for granted. I mean it is stinky, and gross, but there is some sort of satisfaction that we get once it is over with. A relief as some may call it. I had not “gone” in 4 days!! 4 days!! From a person who was regular, more than once a day sometimes, it had been 4 days!!! So last night I took 2 senekot. I literally woke up this morning dying of pain. I had stomach cramps soooooooooooo bad!! The good thing it, it all… Continue

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Ok, ok, so I know that this is not really a place to share prayers. I mean, what do prayers have to do with getting healthy? Really I am the last person to post prayers. Seriously, look at the title of this blog. I have never been super religious. Rather, I would say that I am more spiritual. So Chris…who also happens to be the love of my life suggested putting up prayers of gratitude. I feel like when we are grateful for things, we feel more satisfied with our lives, and that satisfaction can… Continue

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