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February 2008 Blog Posts (9)

A little secret

So here is a little secret to some of the stuff I have been using. I have found products that are AMAZING. Let me know what you all think of then if you choose to try them.

I have started to use the WALDEN FARMS stuff. It is amazing. Most of it is zero calories.

Walden Farms dressings: A GREAT addition to your salads. (and because it is zero calories, for those who are doing the WW points, it is worth no points….almost a freebie.) I have tried the Ranch (which was ok.) but… Continue

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I am so excited

So I decided not to the the WW thing. For several reasons.

However, I do have to say that I did join Dr. Berinstein’s clinic. Basically it is medically supervised weight loss. You go for urine tests three times a week….blood tests once a month, and vitamin B injections three times a week. What does that mean? Basically there is medical professionals looking out for your health and supervising your weight loss.

So I started the program two weeks ago, and I am happy to… Continue

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Pre-Blogging Weight Watchen

**This is a post from one of my other blogging sites I had started doing. Thought I should add it on here to show things along the way!**

Yes, I am throwing myself out there, almost as bad as being thrown in a cage with lions. Haha. I am doing a lot of self-analyzing and really trying to figure things out with emotional eating. I'd love to hear any of your comments and ideas. I'm hoping to lose a pound a week....with a long way to go! So I will tell you whats working, whats… Continue

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biting the bullet

down 1.6…only about 60 more to go.

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So today I feel inspired. Reading everybody else’s blogs, I feel inspired to REALLY do this. I sure hope it won’t be another LAME attempt. We all have had LAME attempts, lets be real. I have had several. Really, I have never been bothered for longer than a week or two to get healthy, altho it is a constant struggle with my mind. I think half of it has to do with the mind. Once you conquer your own mind and the willingness to finally DO something about it, the rest is really easy. I watch what I… Continue

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It’s about F’n Time


So I tried blogging before, and I am really bad at it, this I know, but I want a place to keep a journal and share a journey that is forever life changing for me. I also am looking for a place for some support. We all need support and we all require that someone who will encourage you to do your best.

First off, I would like to start by saying that I am not proud of my weight. It has finally gotten out of control. Well I wouldn’t really say out of control but it has… Continue

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When I will know I'm really on the way...

For any who have read in my blog, I had a successful WW venture about 3 years ago but things fell apart as they do for many. I’ve ‘attempted’ back on the program many times since then but I was not successful so I bit the bullet and joined meetings and here I am 5 and a bit weeks later.

I’ve lost weight, yes I have. 14 lbs so far and nothing to sneeze at but I have a long way to go, given my stats. I’m still scared I’ll fall off and just not get back on again. You can see I have… Continue

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A little less talk

Okay, how many more excuses can I come up with as to why I am not journaling like I should? I swear, sometimes I annoy myself! I spend all this time reading about (I am the queen of “you should read….”) and thinking about and talking about doing something and yet I never seem to get around to doing it! Eventually I will hit a stride and actually get something done and man, does it feel good!

So, I am going to stop making excuses and commit to journaling every day for at least two… Continue

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Does anyone else have an issue with consistency? I started this a month ago and my posts are so sporadic, usually a lot at once and then nothing. I can’t help but feel this might be related to my issue with eating as well. I start a diet and get all gung-ho and then quit, then start again, and so on.

Maybe I should start a reward system for myself? I’m not sure… I’ll have to think on that. So now, an update and confession:

I haven’t been journaling at all. I have been… Continue

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