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January 2008 Blog Posts (13)

Physical calm=mental calm=food calm?

I have been MIA for a few days and haven’t been journaling. I was feeling like I needed to work on my physical environment (procrastination??) in order to keep going. Also, it was a busy weekend here in New Orleans and that usually involves going out and drinking which doesn’t help with food! It’s only going to get worse with Mardi Gras coming so I am going to look for ways to combat that.

I did try to wait until I was hungry before eating which helped me to feel okay about my… Continue

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Poopy Day

Someone suggested that I might be waiting to eat so I could eat a lot when I did eat. It did kind of feel like I was waiting so I could stuff myself but of course, there is only so much a person can eat. I’m certainly surprised about this development but will continue to get in touch with my body and try not to push the hunger level lower and lower. I look forward to when this feels easier.

Well yesterday was a no good awful day. I was feeling totally poopy and had an appt with my… Continue

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Waiting too long to eat

I sometimes feel like I want this to be a perfect solution that works right away and I have to continually remind myself to slow down and realize this is a marathon, not a 40 yard dash. I see it will be a series of small victories that will lead to a bigger change. I get so impatient!

Today I made Stove Top Stuffing which is a food I normally binge on. Unfofortunately I didn’t journal that or anything over the weekend but I know I want to get back to that. I have to force myself to… Continue

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Dreaded Mac and Cheese!

Had a weird experience today. I found myself hungry so I decided to eat. But I purposefully went to the kitchen and started making macaroni and cheese which I love to binge on and I knew it. Basically I made it knowing I was going to eat the entire box. Is that really bad? I put almost all of it into a bowl and knew I was going to go sit in front of the tv and eat it all! Since I knew this was happening, almost like an out of body experience, I decided to try to think about why I was doing… Continue

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Food Journal 2

Based on my two observations in my last post, I can definitley see a pattern developing here….LOL My DH is definitely a TV lover and, to be honest, if it were just me i would probably hardly ever have it on. I need to clean off the dining room table so I can sit there to eat rather than going right to the couch.

I am also finding two other things that are triggers for me, procrastinating and being tired. As I become more mindful, I will try to check in on these issues and see if… Continue

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Food Journal

I haven’t heard anything on the job so I am thinking she decided not to interview me. But I also haven’t gotten a rejection. I wish I would get the rejection so I could just move on. I think mentally I am hoping this will work out. Better commit to looking for jobs today!

Here is my first food journal (this is a way to track food and feelings to try to discover connections between the two, this is a scientific process so I should wait until I am hungry to eat as much as possible but… Continue

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Weird Experience

Okay so something weird happened last night. I went to a friend’s house to watch the BCS championship game and got to talking with one of the other women there. She told me she was from Canada which is what sparked the conversation. I told her I had neighbors from Canada and that we should get together. Then she said she works for a university near my house. I told her that I had applied for several jobs there and she said “You might have applied for my jobs!”. It turns out she is the hiring… Continue

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My Weight Chart:

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

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Moving to Stage 2

After reading the ebook on I think I am ready for Stage 2. I printed up the eating log and hunger scale and will begin tomorrow. I am kind of excited even though I am very nervous. I have felt my eating urges more in the past few days since I decided to start this process again but in reading the ebook, I realized that any changes are going to bring up more extreme emotions for a while until I settle into the program. That made me feel a little better.

I am going… Continue

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My Weight History

The exercise for stage 1 is to create a weight history. Here is my weight history:


Weight History


17 years old



I was preoccupied with what my boyfriend was doing which was mostly cheating on me and if not that extreme, then making it very clear that I wasn’t the most important person in his life. I spent a lot of time preparing for school to look as good as I could to make him jealous and want… Continue

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Normal Eating

Today I discovered a site called It is a variation on the information found in “Overcoming Overeating” and there are many people working the program on this site. I have already signed up and am looking forward to everything I will do and learn. I hope there is a lot of information and exercises on the site so I can feel my progress. There are 4 stages total and I may already be ready for number 2 but I will read more and keep… Continue

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The title of my blog

The title of my blog came to me when I started thinking of why I wanted to do a blog and track my journey in the first place. I recently went to Six Flags with my nieces and nephew and watched as they rode all the different rides, eyes wide in wonderment and joy and realized how much I wanted to feel that. I LOVE roller coasters! But I was frozen with worry and sadness because I felt I weighed to much to ride. I am sure I am not heavy enough to be denied a ride but the visual of my cart… Continue

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My awakening moment

I had just started weight watchers again and was trying to be perfect! I knew as soon as I got in the car after work that day that it was going to be a challenge not to go home and eat the refrigerator. All the way home I talked to myself and told myself what I would do when I got home.

Walk to the bedroom

Change into workout clothes

Have a plan-following snack (carrot sticks!)

Work out

Healthy dinner with my husband, T

Sounded like a good plan….until I… Continue

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