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Profile Information

About Me:
I teach junior high math and LOVE IT! I have three grown kids and an amazing husband of 26 years.

Five years ago I lost 37 lbs. on WW and became a lifetime member, but since then I went back to school to earn a master's degree and all my energies went into my studies and consuming extra calories to fuel my brain.

Now, I'm working on getting myself in back in shape so I feel comfortable and have more energy. My highest weight: 167 lbs., Goal Weight: 130 lbs.

I love chocolate and just about anything biggest vices! I seek God regularly because I want to use the gifts I have been blessed with to their fullest.
Plan of Choice:
Weight Watchers
Workout Philosophy:
I'm a Running Fanatic


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Making BLOGress Toward my Goal:

My BLOGress:

^ Check out the STEAM risin' off that choo-choo! Woooot-woo!!

Weekly Weigh-In:
6/24/08 156.2
7/1/08 154.0 (-2.2)
7/8/08 152.6 (-1.4)
7/15/08 149.6 (-3.0) ***Reached 5-lb. mini goal!!*** Reward: manicure
7/22/08 149.0 (-0.6)
7/29/08 146.8 (-2.2)
8/5/08 144.4 (-2.4) ***Reached 5-lb. mini goal #2!!*** Reward: clothes shopping
8/12/08 144.6 (+0.2) BUMMA! - a gain! : (
8/19/08 142.8 (-1.8) Didn't reach my 10%, but I'm very close!
8/26/08 140.2 (-2.6) ***5-lb. mini goal #3!!*** Reward: new running shoes
9/2/08 139.0 (-1.2)
9/9/08 138.6 (-0.4)
9/16/08 137.0 (-1.6)
9/23/08 135.0 (-2.0) ***5-lb. mini goal #4 & C25K celebration!*** Reward: Nike+
9/30/08 133.4 (-1.6)
10/7/08 [No weigh-in...]

* attend WW meetings each week
* track my points daily
* blog at least once per week
* celebrate success in 5-lb. mini goal increments
* 10% weight loss (140 lbs.) by 8/19/08
* Goal weight (130 lbs.) by 10/7/08
* Begin and follow through on C25K program
* Maintain, MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN through New Year's Day 1/1/09!!

C25K Progress Update:
Week 1: D1 - 7/25 ~ D2 - 7/27 ~ D3 - 7/29 Week 1 COMPLETE! YEAH!
Week 2: D1 - 8/1 ~ D2 - 8/3 ~ D3 - 8/8 See ya, Week 2!
Week 3: D1 - 8/10 ~ D2 - 8/12 ~ D3 - 8/15 Another week bites the dust!
Week 4: D1 - 8/17 ~ D2 - 8/20 ~ D3 - 8/22 Bah-bye, Week 4!
Week 5: D1 - 8/24 ~ D2 - 8/27 ~ D3 - 8/29 Goodbye to a challenging week!
Week 6: D1 - 8/31 ~ D2 - 9/3 ~ D3 - 9/5 Done with the intervals...on to the long runs!
Week 7: D1 - 9/7 ~ D2 - 9/10 ~ D3 - 9/12 Two more weeks!
Week 8: D1 - 9/14 ~ D2 - 9/16 ~ D3 - 9/19 ONE more week! Woo-hoo!
Week 9: D1 - 9/22 ~ D2 - 9/24 ~ D3 - 9/26 I DID IT!! I finished the C25K program!! Woo-hoo!!!

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Dd's Blog

Three Months Later...

Posted on January 10, 2009 at 12:29pm 4 Comments

Well, here I am. Three months later, I am back to check in with BTL. A lot has happened since my last post and WI. Here's a rundown:

10/11/08 - I attended a technology in education conference and experienced a really weird pain attack during on of my workshops. I was one of about six people in a dark computer lab, so I decided to ride out the pain because I didn't think I could walk the distance back to my car. After 20 minutes of writhing in my seat with cold sweats, shallow… Continue

I'm a Mess

Posted on October 13, 2008 at 12:05pm 5 Comments

I haven't checked in with the blog in waaaaaayyyy too long. Here's why: I'm a mess. Plain and simple.

Here is a rundown of my past two weeks:

1. Ending on a high note - within reach of my goal at my last weigh-in - TOM intrudes and messes things up. I was certain I wouldn't have a great weigh in last Tuesday, but was willing to take my "losses" (or gains...or lack of weight loss) and hope for a better week. Then came last MONDAY. As I was running before dawn last Monday… Continue

C25K - Check! What's my Next Goal?

Posted on September 26, 2008 at 9:30pm 5 Comments

I am SUPER excited because this morning, between about 5:20 and 6:00 a.m., I COMPLETED MY ENTIRE C25K PROGRAM!! I am an official graduate, after a lot of hard work, shear stubbornness, almost peeing my pants on my first long run, and a lot of positive self-talk. Wa-hooly!

I'm ready and rarin' for my next goal now. And maybe someone out there can help me. I am going to follow through and buy myself the Nike+ system for my iPod so I can track my progress and listen to… Continue

Comment Wall (80 comments)

At 2:02pm on July 15, 2008, Joni said…
Then you might know my friend Kendra and her hubbie who teaches at the elementary school ;o) It's not like Kingsburg is huge...
At 2:17pm on July 15, 2008, Joni said…
Yep we work @ KD together.. She's my buddy! A great example of the way a RN should act, no gossiping or backstabbing when she is around. When we work together I know it will be a good night.
At 3:28pm on July 15, 2008, Joni said…
The new scale belongs to me.. it's a fancy schmancy (if that was even a word) one that I bought because my old trusty scale (that saw me through my 1st WW experience) seemed it couldn't make up it's mind as to whether or not I weighed 172, 173 or 174 one day. This scale does all the fun (however frightening they may be) things, like tell you your body fat (39% oreos) and hydration (46% diet coke). Then it screams... "DEAR GOODNESS WOMAN LOSE SOME WEIGHT WOULD YOU!?". No that's an exaggeration.. but I scream every time I step on it. Anyway off topic... I don't do meetings. Never have. Too cheap. Too busy. Too lazy. Pick one. But I did it before armed with my brain and a good food journal. Hopefully again. Though it's not looking that way.

It doesn't surprise me that Kendra's son would be on your list of favs. She is on mine. I can only imagine what fab kids they are raising.
At 4:14am on July 17, 2008, Arlene said…
Well, the boyfriend told me it's because I get this look of pure ecstasy on my face when I'm eating something ooey, gooey and chocolatey that I shouldn't be having ...
At 10:33am on July 17, 2008, Kristi said…
Your comment meant SO much to me, thank you! I really would LOVE to be a WW leader one day so it's really nice to hear that other people believe I could do it too. I appreciate it so much! I hope you have a wonderful OP day and go that extra degree ;)
At 10:50am on July 18, 2008, J. Ross said…
Loved your made me smile :o) ...because I just got out of the shower and my daughter brought my jean shorts to me fresh out of the dryer and guess what? No problems buttoning them ~ stupid scale :p .
At 10:08pm on July 19, 2008, Tanie said…
Thanks for the comment, and yes, I know what you mean! I love teaching (most days :), but it does present challenges to losing weight. I'm trying to figure out my plan for this fall and starting up again!
At 5:32pm on July 21, 2008, Kristi said…
I'm SO glad that the "extra degree" message resonated with you AND your friend as well! That literally put a smile on my face and just made me happy to know that something is "clicking" with other people as well! Thank you for sharing that with me too, definitely helps me to know that I am blogging for a good reason. I can't wait to see how the "extra degree" works out for you!
At 1:07am on July 22, 2008, HungryHippos said…
I'm actually okay with the typos since I probably make them myself. I'm always worried that I'm going to make a typo and then people will wonder why they let me teach English!
At 5:56pm on July 24, 2008, Kristi said…
Kudos to you for resisting Sonic! That HAD to have been tough! But like you said, you didn't feel deprived, you were comfortable afterwards, didn't feel guilty but felt awesome about your decision! So keep up the good work and a couple bucks into that jar for that NSV! :)

I'd love to check out his band's music page for the pure fact that I am a music LOVER...I sing, have my whole life and I love discovering new bands!

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