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Ali commented on Ann's blog post Day 1
"You can pick up a WW magazine at the grocery store and there are meal plans inside (or at least there used to be) that can help you get started! I like to base my meals on one protein (the size of my palm) and one cup of a carb- whole grain bread (1…"
Mar 8, 2009
KeBeech commented on Ann's blog post Day 1
"I've been following the paul mckenna "I can make you thin" eating plan. Basically, it means that you can eat whatever you want, as long as you eat when you're hungry, eat it slowly, consciously and stop when you're full. You…"
Mar 5, 2009
Tawnya commented on Ann's blog post Day 1
"I just got the Biggest Loser Family cookbook and it has lots of great easy recipes and ideas."
Mar 5, 2009
StEpHaNiE* commented on Ann's blog post Day 1
"Have you checked out the weight watchers website or even picked up a WW cookbook from the local library? They have sooooooo many great meal ideas!!! One thing I can think of for the sweet tooth is cupcakes...just buy a box of betty crocker chocolate…"
Mar 5, 2009
Gilby27 commented on Ann's blog post Day 1
"hey, check out my blog, day 4 I think has some meal plan stuff and caloric intake breakdown"
Mar 5, 2009
Ann posted blog posts
Mar 5, 2009
Mary left a comment for Ann
"i have those days too, where I am just insanely I try to snack a lot on those days with filler foods....keeping it light of course is hard when "snack" foods by nature are not light!! I hope today goes well for you...."
Mar 5, 2009
Tawnya commented on Ann's blog post Reconnecting
"I have two kids of my own, but if I had the money I would love to adopt. It is an awesome thing to give a home and a family and love to a child."
Mar 5, 2009

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About Me:
Hello! My name is Ann. I am a mother & a wife. I have had enough. I have decided that my life needs a huge change. Starting with food. Losing weight is hard enough but I was dx is Feb 2008 with Hypothyroidism and about 7yrs ago with PCOS. I am hoping to learn from others & their experiences. And hopefully gain some friends. But to go through it yourself is even harder. My husband stands beside me but there some things you just can not say them. Thats why I need you all....

A little more about me....
I graduated high school back in 1998. I thought I was so 148lbs. Yeah right!! After high school I was very unsure of what I wanted to do & cared more about a boyfirend who cared not one bit about me. So then came my first bad habit... I basically became anorexi c. I swear I would only eat 1 ....6pk of pb crackers & a gatorade for lunch ..then dinner a Gutted bagel ( took all the doughy bread out of the middle of the bagel )w/ 1 pc. fat free cheese & 1 slice turkey. For 5 years I did not have a goodie (cake, ice cream, chocolate) or a pop or fast food. I dropped down to a sze 3-4. 115lbs.

Then all hell broke lose my now husband (my soul mate) & I thought we were pregnant & when I went to confirm with the doctor I was informed I had PCOS. Then my new bad habit came about emotional eating...... I felt like I had let down everyone...especially myself! For 5 years we tried to get pregnant..basic (cheap) infertility treatments, study at university, and just the good old fashioned way till we were blue in the face ( No complaints there...Hee hee) with no sucess. Then we decided that adoption was the option. (we over looked it originally due to cost)
We took out a loan and a year later found ourselves in Vietnam..... Meeting our son Jacob & waiting to being him home..... He is my future. And I have to make changes for him. I want to grow old & see my grandchildren & be a kick butt mom....

anyway thats a little about me!
Plan of Choice:
Weight Watchers, Other
Workout Philosophy:
I only exercise because I have to

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Ann's Blog

Yes I am still here......

Posted on March 25, 2010 at 10:20pm 0 Comments

Well I have a crazy year... Things in 2009 were a little crazy!

I had bronchitis a few times, moved, had severe sinus infections...etc

anyway.... I finally have got on track with my weight.

I have lost 33.9lbs in the last 70days.

I have been eating 4.... 400 calories meals. I can eat what ever I want as long in 400 calories. I try to stick with healthy things & only still treat every once in a while. (smart ones PB cup sundae or a bowl of choc. special K) But finally I… Continue

Fell Off the Wagon Today

Posted on May 26, 2009 at 9:54pm 0 Comments

I fell off and I can get up~
Ha had you worried....
Well I rally fell off today had a bad chocolate day but after eating it all I got really bad tummy ache. Serves me right~
Anyway back on the wagon tomorrow. I can do it!


Posted on May 24, 2009 at 12:40pm 1 Comment

Why is that everyone hates that you gained weight, but their the first to offer you junk...candy~

The other night I grabbed a hand full of my sons MM's out of habit as I chewed I went OH CRAP! What am I doing?

So quickly I grabbed a baby wipe & spit it out.

I am the type that once I get sugar in me I can not stop eating it~

I felt bad to almost fall back into bad habits. Then my mother in law got on me about using Ranch dressing at the restraunt. Mean while she is… Continue

Day 1

Posted on March 5, 2009 at 1:18pm 4 Comments

Today I again BEGIN my fight. I need to lose weight. I have to lose weight. LAst night I had a brief talk with my husband. I told him that I know I am so not the person he married. And I do not mean just weight wise. I use to be so free. I would just kind of go with the flow. Meet who ever, do what ever ( well not anything) and never really cared. I loved life. Now if he wants to introduce me to a friend or something I feel like their going to think something bad....

I'm fat or something… Continue


Posted on March 4, 2009 at 11:11pm 1 Comment

Well I joined face book per suggestion of long distance friend so we could talk back n fourth. And now I have actually reconnected with several friends and acquaintances from school. Its weird because these are people you assumed you would never see or hear from again. And now to know where their at, what their doing, and how their doing is great. Some have kids, some married, some are still the same and some have changed 100%. I know I have changed alot since school. I was very lost when I was… Continue

Comment Wall (11 comments)

At 3:22pm on June 3, 2008, Tricia said…
Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Anything I can do to help, I would be happy too! Best of luck on your journey!
At 12:32am on June 4, 2008, TabiCat said…
I think I'm finally ready to accept the challenge of weight loss. I am very hopeful and motivated. This site is helping to keep me motivated by reading others success stories. We are the same age and 30 is just around the corner. I want my 30th birthday to be the healthiest I've had in 20 years. You can do it!
At 7:37am on June 4, 2008, Jenifer said…
Thanks so much for your comment :) Jacob is adorable!!
Best of luck to you, I know its going to be hard but this group seems very wonderfull!!!
At 8:33pm on July 2, 2008, Jenifer said…
How are you doing Ann?
At 9:25am on July 3, 2008, Jenifer said…
Good job! you will be back on track in no time :)
I actually started doing WW online, today is my first day and I am actually so excited to start!!!! I am going to start walking at night with my mom as well. Hope your little guy is alright :(..
Nothing for me on the 4th, I'm from Canada.. so its just another working day for us.. But we did have Canada Day on the 1st and we went to Fireworks which were great!!!
At 9:27pm on July 10, 2008, Jenifer said…
You have not blogged in awhile? how are you doing?
At 11:17pm on July 28, 2008, Tanya said…
Your little guy is so cute!!
At 8:15pm on September 15, 2008, Jenifer said…
Ann, where are you??? I know you probably check this once in a while.. if so.. COME BACK :)
At 10:14am on March 5, 2009, Mary said…
i have those days too, where I am just insanely I try to snack a lot on those days with filler foods....keeping it light of course is hard when "snack" foods by nature are not light!! I hope today goes well for you....
At 5:19pm on April 2, 2009, Jenifer said…
Hey Ann, I was glad to see you back when I decided to check up on people I have not spoke to in awhile. I see you havent been on since beginning of March.. stop in more often, say Hi :)

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